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Many athletes mix powdered caffeine into a preworkout shake, but vague labeling can make it easy to use a dangerous amount.

A 21-year-old man died after drinking a highly-caffeinated protein shake. Similarly powerful caffeine supplements are found in workout and weight-loss...

Research has shown least 40 people have died from caffeine pills or powders in the last 50 years.
A teaspoon of a caffeine supplement can be as strong as 32 cups of coffee.

A 21-year-old died after drinking a protein shake with a caffeine supplement so powerful it knocked him unconscious

Caffeine in coffee or tea can be safe in moderation, but highly-concentrated, cheap supplements found online can cause a fatal caffeine overdose.

Oil is being propped up by Middle East tensions after the US used video to blame Iran for tanker attacks

Oil prices on Friday were pushed and pulled between competing drivers of Iran tensions and a supply glut.
Photo of the smoking tanker from the News Agency Of The (IRIB) Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (iribnews)

Oil is surging after a suspected torpedo attack on 2 tankers in the Gulf of Oman

Oil prices jumped at least 3% as traders feared Middle-Eastern tensions could reduce crude supplies.

Trump is threatening sanctions on Germany over its Russian gas pipeline, opening a new front in the trade war that the Kremlin calls ‘blackmail&...

Given his recent tariff threats against Mexico, "It's not a giant leap to see Trump weaponizing trade," said one analyst.
Former Vice President Joe Biden talks to a voter at a Berlin, NH campaign event on Tuesday morning.

Joe Biden is drawing crowds of anti-Trump independents in a crucial primary state, but they say he still has lots of work to do

Despite his lead in the polls, former Vice President Joe Biden still has work to do to convince many New Hampshire primary voters to support him.

The Department of Energy is now referring to natural gas as ‘freedom gas’

Assistant Secretary for Fossil Energy Steven Winberg additionally characterized the natural gas exports as "molecules of freedom."
An example of an aura photograph.

OK, so what’s an aura?

Auras are energy fields that provide information about your life, experts told INSIDER. We talked to experts to learn about the different kinds.
Aluminum sits in a metals recycling plant in Rome.

How many carbon emissions you can actually save by doing these 10 things

Cutting down your carbon footprint may seem like a lofty goal, but some simple swaps can have a noticeable impact.
Roughneck Brian Waldner is covered in mud and oil while wrestling pipe on a True Company oil drilling rig outside Watford, North Dakota.

A bidding war breaks out as Occidental Petroleum makes $38 billion offer for Anadarko, topping Chevron’s

Anadarko shares surged 12% on Wednesday after Occidental Petroleum made a bid for the petroleum company higher than that of Chevron's.