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Animals that defy the rules of aging — like naked mole rats — could help scientists unravel the secrets to longevity

Naked mole rats and turtles are anomalies when it comes to aging. Scientists are studying them to figure out why these critters live so much longer than other similar animals.
General Electric Chairman and CEO Immelt and staff leave after a meeting with French President at the Elysee Palace in Paris

GE is trading at its lowest level since the financial crisis

CEO John Flannery, who took over last year from Jeff Immelt, has promised to "maintain a disciplined financial policy” that so far has involved slashing the company’s once-dependable dividend yield and selling off underperforming units like healthcare and oil and gas.

Oil slides after China announces tariff on US crude

Oil prices slumped Wednesday after Beijing announced it would retaliate against the Trump administration with a 25% tariff on another $16 billion worth of US products, including crude exports to China.
Streets in Cleveland, Ohio are obscured by smoke from heavy industry, July 1973.

Vintage EPA photos reveal what Midwestern industrial cities looked like before the US regulated pollution

On Earth Day as the Trump Administration plans to kill the Clean Power Plan, old EPA photos show the Midwest before the agency's pollution regulations.

All that spitting during the World Cup could be something called ‘carb rinsing’ — here’s the science behind it

Football players might be rinsing their mouths out with a carbohydrate solution, then spitting it out without swallowing it. According to some exercise and nutrition scientists, this can trick your body into thinking energy is coming, so your muscles work harder.
Royal Dutch Shell CEO van Beurden speaks during the 26th World Gas Conference in Paris

Shell CEO calls for 2040 ban on new petrol car sales to be bought forward

Shell, one of the world’s largest oil companies, has supported calls for the UK to bring forward its 2040 ban on new petrol and diesel cars, accelerating the move to greener energy, The Guardian reported.
A worker carries a flotation device that keep the solar panels above water.

China’s latest energy megaprojects show that coal is really on the way out

In Anhui, China, two giant solar farms — one of which will go online in May — are part of the global shift away from energy generated from fossil fuels.

Fund manager: $300 oil is ‘not impossible’ within a few years

Pierre Andurand, a leading oil hedge fund manager, said that lack of investment in new production could lead to a situation where $300 per barrel oil is "not impossible" within the next few years.

Saudi Arabia developed a nuclear energy policy after quietly meeting with the US energy secretary Rick Perry

Saudi Arabia's renewed push towards nuclear power may be linked to the growing threat of Iran in the Midddle East.
Carbon emissions are at a more than 100 year low in the UK.

You have to go back to 1890 to find a time when the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions were as low as they are today

The UK now emits 38% less carbon dioxide than it did in 1990 and emissions have been falling every year since 2012, according to a report.