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Lionel Messi could move to the English Premier League without having to switch clubs.

FC Barcelona could join the English Premier League if Catalonia gains independence from Spain

Barcelona would be among the clubs that would be free to choose which league they play in.

How the richest soccer clubs compare with the richest NFL teams

The top European football clubs make more money than top NFL teams.

Wayne Rooney scored on a beautiful header in his return debut with Everton

Wayne Rooney scored in his first Premier League match for Everton since 2004.

Chelsea won nearly $200 million in the Premier League this season

The amount of money a team wins in the Premier Leauge is loosely related to where they end up in the league table.

Another Premier League championship for Chelsea no longer looks like a sure thing

Chelsea's second championship in three years seemed like a foregone conclusion. Instead, things have suddenly become interesting thanks to a red-hot Tottenham.

Swansea City fires American Bob Bradley after just 11 games

Bob Bradley was the first American to manage in the Premier League.

England’s Premier League spent a whopping $1.6 billion on new players during the transfer window

England's second-division clubs, Football League Championship, actually spent more than France's Ligue 1, another member of the "Big Five."

Here are the brand new kits for all 20 English Premier League clubs

The beginning of the new Premier League season is close at hand.