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Slack Chief Product Officer April Underwood

A top executive at $5 billion Slack explains the secret weapon to fight off Microsoft and Facebook

Slack's April Underwood describes the secret weapon that startups can use to fight off tech titans like Microsoft and Facebook.
John Collison.

The youngest self-made billionaire on Earth says his success is less about his own brilliance and more about his employees — and luck

John Collison, a 27-year-old originally from Ireland, is the world's youngest self-made billionaire, worth an estimated $1 billion. He and his brother, Patrick, are the cofounders of Stripe, a $9.2 billion payments company they run out of San Francisco.
Tenable president and CEO Amit Yoran

Hot cybersecurity startup Tenable has filed to go public

The so-called "cyber exposure" company Tenable, founded in 2002, is the latest to go public in a booming year for initial public offerings in tech. It will list on the NASDAQ.
Domo founder CEO Josh James

Domo went public and investors are biting but a watchdog warns ‘stay away from this IPO’

Domo's regulatory filings were so loaded with red flags that David Trainer, CEO of watchdog investor research firm New Constructs, warned, "Investors should stay away from this IPO."
Bonsai CEO Mark Hammond

Microsoft just bought a startup it invested in — and it built its business on a key Google technology

Microsoft has purchased Bonsai, an AI startup building on top of Google's TensorFlow technology.
Domo CEO Josh James

Investors said Domo was worth $2.28 billion — but when it has its IPO, it could be worth just $511 million

Domo updated its IPO filings to say that its $2.28 valuation could be worth as little as $511 million when it goes public. Plus, Domo is cutting off its business relationships with companies co-owned by CEO Josh James.

Domo, a $2 billion Utah startup, filed for an IPO — and warned it will need to ‘significantly reduce operating expenses’ if it doesn...

Domo, the $2.28 billion data analytics startup has filed for IPO — but it's posted millions of dollars in losses, and is in immediate need of more cash to continue operating as it has.
DocuSign CEO Daniel Springer

$3 billion DocuSign prices its upcoming IPO at $29 per share — above the range it originally gave Wall Street

The 15-year-old electronic signature company DocuSign is expected to list on Friday, as IPO-mania continues to rumble through enterprise tech.
M12 head Nagraj Kashyap

Microsoft Ventures gives itself a new name as it reintroduces itself to enterprise startups — here’s how it landed on ‘M12’

Microsoft Ventures is now M12. The head of the program, Nagraj Kashyap, explains why, and what the future holds.