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The author, Susie Moore.

5 unconventional things I did to grow my business

Starting a business can be an intimidating task. It can be hard to set your business apart from the competition, although there are things you can do to gain success, fast. Here are five unconventional things I did to grow my coaching business.

6 reasons why you should start your company in New York instead of Silicon Valley

New York City has bested Silicon Valley when it comes to both the amount of capital deployed and leading female entrepreneurship. Here's why New York is becoming an attractive destination for startup founders.
Read up before becoming an entrepreneur.

12 books you should read before starting a business

These 12 books offer essential advice for the budding entrepreneur, from digital marketing to creating a business plan.
Their young and rich.

RANKED: Britain’s millionaire entrepreneurs under the age of 30

The Sunday Times Rich List is released this weekend, ranking the 1,000 richest people in Britain. In this preview list, Business Insider took a look at the richest self-made millionaires under the age of 30 who have made the cut.
They don't waste a minute. Ben Anderson is the cofounder and CEO of Amino Apps.

The best advice for entrepreneurs, from 16 real people who started their own companies

Good business advice is always useful. We asked entrepreneurs, startup founders, and CEOs to share some words of wisdom based on challenges they've faced and mistakes they've made.

Silicon Valley can’t handle hard conversations — and it’s hurting entrepreneurs

There's a growing lack of transparency in Silicon Valley boardrooms, and startup founders report that they're deprived of mentorship.
Elon Musk owns over $70 million worth of Los Angeles real estate.

Tesla shareholders just approved a $2.6 billion stock option plan for Elon Musk — here’s how he spends his $20 billion fortune

Tesla's Elon Musk is a notorious workaholic who doesn't spend on lavish vacations or flashy hobbies.
The new Nest by Airstream.

Iconic brand Airstream’s latest trailer is a lesson in both entrepreneurship and M&A

It's called "Nest by Airstream," it costs $49,500, it's made of fiberglass, and it weights 3,400 pounds.

4 lessons from the female CEO who started an online underwear company in the male-dominated tech industry

Orit Hashay set up Brayola when she was pregnant, which brought skepticism from investors.