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Visitors were still collecting full bags of trash at at Lassen National Forest on January 15.

National parks have already reached a nightmare scenario of trash piles and destroyed trees during the government shutdown

In the midst of a government shutdown, the conditions at national parks could threaten visitor and wildlife safety.

Trump releases statement on Earth Day as his administration continues repealing environmental regulations

Trump's statement called for environmental protection, but not at the cost of American workers.

A Colorado appeals court sided with a group of teenagers who sued the oil industry for not protecting the environment

Environmental groups are applauding the teenagers' victory, calling it a win for climate change activists.

Trump guts regulations from Wall Street to coal mines

During his first month in office, President Donald Trump has postponed, suspended, or abandoned more than 90 Obama-era regulations.

Here’s what Obama’s ban on arctic oil drilling actually means

The president used the authority granted by a 1953 law to protect the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas — which make up nearly all of US Arctic waters.