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ERP rates on these 3 roads in Singapore to increase by S$1 from Aug 5

But don't worry, LTA will be decreasing the ERP rates by S$1 at one location.

These are all the roads with lowered ERP rates in June

A sign for you to make plans with your family during the holidays.

These three ERP gantries will now be free to pass through at morning peak hour

The gantry at Upper Bukit Timah Road will no longer charge ERP rates.

Oracle’s revenue didn’t drop like Wall Street thought it would, and the stock jumps a little

Oracle's revenue stayed flat in Q2 FY19 — but this actually beat Wall Street expectations, as analysts were expecting a drop in revenue this quarter.

Oracle is losing sales execs in this critical area to an upstart run by one of its former presidents

Oracle is focusing on its retail division under new threat from rival Infor