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Trump continues to take calls from his iPhone even after American spy agencies have determined that China and Russia are listening

Despite being warned that his cell phone calls are not secure, President Trump refuses to stop making calls from his iPhone according to a New York Times report. The report claims that American spy agencies have said that China and Russia are indeed listening in on the president's cell phone calls
"The ball's in your court."

Putin’s soccer ball gift to Trump may be bugged, or worse — and the US may never know

Russia's spycraft and ingenuity is first class, and history is replete with its triumphs in stealing US secrets via bugs.
A man with a NRA cap holds his gun while people with their AR-15-style rifles pray during a blessing ceremony at the Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland, Pennsylvania on February 28, 2018.

An NRA-linked Russian national was arrested and charged with spying

Maria Butina, a Russian gun-rights activist with deep ties to the National Rifle Association, was arrested on espionage charges this weekend. Butina is accused of working as a Russian agent at the direction of a high ranking Russian government official believed to be Alexander Torshin.
If the Pentagon won't use it, will you?

The FBI calls Chinese spies in the US a ‘whole of society threat’ — here’s how to protect yourself

China is a wide and diverse nation, but its leadership, the Chinese Communist Party, takes steps to secure its interests that may shock those from open societies in the West.

China wants to catch foreign spies with an English spy catcher site

Tipsters will be rewarded. Beijing rarely translates its reporting sites into English, indicating the Communist Party's desire to target the Chinese diaspora.
FBI director Chris Wray.

FBI director calls China out on one of the biggest threats to the US

Chris Wray said the US significantly underestimated the threat of China's economic espionage.
Jared Kushner.

Jared Kushner reportedly was warned that his close friend Wendi Deng Murdoch may be a Chinese spy

Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, and Wendi Deng Murdoch have been friends for years and regularly appear in one another's social-media posts.
A frame from video published by MailOnline showing Stanislav Yezhov a few feet from British Prime Minister Theresa May in July 2017.

Video shows alleged Russian spy walking into Downing Street with Theresa May

Stanislav Yezhov can be seen walking behind the prime minister in July, as part of the entourage of Ukrainian prime minister Volodymyr Groysman.
Christine Keeler, photographed in 1963 at the height of the Profumo scandal

How the model at the centre of a Cold War sex scandal helped bring down the British government

Christine Keeler, a teenager catapulted into British history after an affair with the UK's Minister for War, was confirmed dead yesterday by her family.

A Chinese spy ship spotted near US-Australian war games may signal an evolution in China’s behavior at sea

China may be changing its stance or it may continue hewing to a double standard. Either way, it's setting a precedent other countries can use against it.