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Stock buybacks have been labeled a ‘bubble,’ a ‘panic,’ and ‘corporate self-indulgence,’ but an ETF that’s t...

An exchange-traded fund tracking US buyback activity keeps sailing to all-time highs despite political rhetoric swirling around the practice.
An employee holds a display of dried marijuana at the Fire and Flower store as the first legal cannabis stores open in the province of Ontario, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, April 1, 2019.

BNY has quietly started working with a marijuana ETF — and it’s about to be the first major bank to help the world’s largest funds i...

Institutional investors have previously avoided investing in cannabis because no federally-chartered banks would hold the stock. BNY has changed that.

These 15 ETFs made you a killing in the first quarter

Here are the best performing exchange-traded funds so far this year, excluding levered ETFs and those with assets under $100 million.
SoFi CEO Anthony Noto is launching the first long-term no-fee ETF.

The first no-fee ETF just got announced, and it could signal an industry-wide rush

ETF managers have been decreasing fees for years to appeal to investors who have been abandoning higher-cost mutual funds for the more tax-efficient and lower-fee products.

Wild volatility, cybersecurity, and medical devices: These were the 11 best-performing ETFs of 2018

In a year when so many asset classes were punished, investors were rewarded through these ETFs.
Linda Zhang, founder of Purview Investments

An ETF veteran explains how she is trying to close the gender gap in asset management

We spoke to Linda Zhang, the CEO of ETF firm Purview Investments
Goldman Sachs is turning Paul Tudor Jones' Just Capital into an ETF.

Billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones created a way to rank companies on social impact — now Goldman Sachs is turning it into a fund

Goldman Sachs is turning Just Capital, the billionaire investor Paul Tudor Jones' ranking of companies based on social impact, into a real financial product.
Tom Farley, President of NYSE Group is interviewed on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange following a stop in trading at the exchange earlier in the day in New York, July 8, 2015.

The president of the New York Stock Exchange pours cold water on a bitcoin ETF

Tom Farley, president of the New York Stock Exchange, doesn't see a bitcoin ETF in the near term.

Nasdaq has launched a tool to help companies understand America’s hottest investment product

Exchange-traded funds, one of the hottest passive investment products, saw combined US assets hit $3.3 trillion in November.

Millennials are leading an investment revolution — and we spoke with the head of a $1 trillion provider to find out why

BI PRIME: Millennials represent the fastest-growing segment of the ETF market, according to a survey conducted by BlackRock's iShares business.