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Our parents never had to worry about etiquette rules around smartphones.

15 difficult etiquette questions your parents never had to ask

Etiquette standards for previous generations look very different than today's. Modern etiquette questions center around technology and acceptable behavior for using devices. According to experts, there are at least 15 etiquette questions your parents never had to ask.
A Lucky Air crew member dressed as Spiderman (3rd R) during an onboard Halloween celebration sits next to passengers during a flight from Kunming to Shenzhen, in Kunming, October 31, 2014.

These are the 10 most hated people on a plane

These are people you want to avoid on a plane. A recent survey by AirlineRatings.com found that people are most annoyed with fellow passengers who smell bad. Other irritating passenger types include out of control children and those who bring too many carry-on bags.
Here's how to apologize if you said something offensive at work.

How to apologize if you accidentally said something at work that’s racist, sexist, or offensive

Microaggressions are unconscious expressions of racism or sexism. It's important to know how to apologize if you've made a microaggressive comment in the workplace. The most important thing to know when saying sorry: Apologize for your actions, not for the other person feeling offended.
Table manners have changed over the years.

10 old-fashioned manners kids aren’t taught anymore

Etiquette standards have changed throughout the years. Some etiquette experts believe that old-fashioned manners that kids aren't taught anymore should be brought back. Here are 10 old-fashioned manners, like standing for introductions, that kids just aren't taught anymore.

8 ways Trump could offend the Queen when they finally meet

US President Donald Trump has finally arrived in the UK for a controversial four-day visit. Trump's meeting with the Queen is highly anticipated as many fear the erratic president will break some of the innumerable protocols that go alongside meeting Her Majesty.

5 surprising etiquette differences between the US and Japan

Etiquette practices vary between cultures, and Japan and the US are no different. Though many cultures won't expect you to entirely grasp and adapt to their etiquette right away, it's important to know. From bowing to dining, here are the major etiquette differences between Japan and the US.

11 rules for writing a best man’s speech so you don’t crash and burn

Being someone's best man is a great honour, but it can also be incredibly nerve-wracking. Here are a few rules you can follow to help you through the event, and to make sure you don't fall flat.
There are some things you should never say at work.

13 things you should never say at work that most people don’t know

Work etiquette varies from company to company, but there are some things that are universal. Business Insider spoke with a business etiquette expert about what you should never say at work, regardless of the circumstances.
Her Majesty the Queen's favourite cocktail is reportedly a gin and Dubonnet.

An etiquette expert shares how to make the Queen’s favourite cocktail — and how to pronounce it

Want to impress your next dinner guests with an old school gin and Dubonnet favoured by Her Majesty?