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The trade dispute could get even uglier.

The European Union may be about to get slapped with up to $7 billion in Trump tariffs over EU aid to Airbus.

The tariffs could come into effect this summer, raising costs of aircraft and helicopter parts, and goods like cheese, pasta, olives, and whiskey.

Foreigners are snapping up real estate on a tiny Mediterranean island to get EU citizenship, and it highlights the significance of 2nd passports as st...

Malta has one of the world's strongest real-estate markets, The Wall Street Journal reported. The draws are plenty: great weather and EU citizenship.
US President Donald Trump speaks to reporters about border security in the White House Briefing Room on January 3, 2019.

Trump says US should match a ‘big currency manipulation game’ in China and Europe

As his re-election campaign heats up, the president has increasingly pressured the Federal Reserve to pursue policies that stimulate the economy.

The Trump administration’s new Europe threat ended a moment of global trade calm after just 2 days

The move raised tensions with a major trade partner just days after reaching a temporary ceasefire with China.
President Donald Trump arrives to speak at the National Association of REALTORS Legislative Meetings and Trade Expo, Friday, May 17, 2019, in Washington.

US stocks are set to slip on trade-war jitters after Trump threatens another $4 billion in tariffs on EU goods

The proposed duties are in retaliation for EU subsidies to aircraft-manufacturer Airbus.
UK Prime Minister Theresa May, US President Donald Trump, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a meeting of G7 leaders in Italy in May 2017.

Trump sends ominous warning to EU that ‘tough’ stances on Brexit and US trade will come ‘back to bite you’

President Donald Trump commented shortly after the US threatened tariffs on $11 billion in European goods and after the EU granted a Brexit extension.

The tariffs that Trump wants to put on the EU are ‘not a new front in the trade war’

The tariffs that Trump wants to put on the EU are 'not a new front in the trade war.' The tariffs are the result of a 2004 WTO case.
FILE PHOTO: Employees walk by the end of a 737 Max aircraft at the Boeing factory in Renton

The EU is already getting ready to fire back at Trump’s proposed $11 billion tariff hit over Airbus

The European Union is ready to hit back against the Trump administration's latest tariff proposals, setting the stage for another trade dispute.
Theresa May has reached out to Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to come up with a Brexit deal.

Theresa May has said working with Labour is the only way to deliver Brexit

The Prime Minister said in a statement that the longer it takes to reach an agreement, the greater the risk of Brexit not happening at all.

Facebook rolls out political ad transparency across the EU, 2 months before an election that’s vulnerable to Russian meddling

Political campaigners and candidates running Facebook ads about the upcoming European elections will need to undergo strict checks.