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‘Finger-pointing from politicians’: Stocks slide after eurozone leaders fail to agree on coronavirus response

European stocks fell on Wednesday after EU leaders didn't agree a strategy despite 16 hours of talks.
Ana Jiménez Cruz

Affection is off-limits for the only child of Spanish healthcare workers as the country’s coronavirus outbreak worsens

The Cruz family has gone from frequent hugs to zero physical contact, said Ana Jiménez Cruz, who now has to sit on a different couch than her parents.

Italy, Spain, and France reported declines in daily coronavirus death tolls. Their governments don’t plan to lift national lockdowns and social ...

"We are suffering very much. It's a devastating pain," Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Sunday.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is taken to hospital for tests, 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus

"This is a precautionary step, as the Prime Minister continues to have persistent symptoms of coronavirus," a Downing Street spokesperson said.
President Donald Trump at a meeting with Irish leader Leo Varadkar at the White House on March 12, 2020, not long after imposing a travel ban on Europe.

Trump poured scorn on Europe’s handling of the coronavirus. Now he is presiding over the largest outbreak in the world.

President Donald Trump criticized Europe's response to the new coronavirus weeks ago, but the US has now overtaken Italy as the pandemic's epicenter.

One simple idea is catching on in Europe to fight the coronavirus: Pay workers to stay at home and do nothing.

The calculation among three European governments is that it's better to pay up and keep people on payrolls than risk severe economic disruption.
Isabella Castoldi.

An Italian woman living in an area badly impacted by coronavirus admits: ‘We expected other countries that are much closer to China to be in thi...

People went from joking about COVID-19 to panic-buying toilet paper, and Florence became "a ghost town" almost overnight, Isabella Castoldi told Insider.
Greek islands like Mykonos are closed to everyone but permanent residents for the foreseeable future.

Greece is banning non-residents from flocking to their second homes on local islands in a desperate bid to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

On March 22, Greece's prime minister issued strict regulations to enforce social isolation during the coronavirus outbreak.
Healthcare workers are pictured at the entrance of the emergency unit at La Paz hospital during the coronavirus disease outbreak in Madrid, Spain March 23, 2020

Spain’s coronavirus crisis is so uncontrollable that some care-home residents have been abandoned or left dead in their beds and Madrid is using...

Spain, the second-worst-affected country in Europe, is struggling to contain the coronavirus outbreak and deal with new deaths.