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Chinese armored medical vehicles arriving in Germany

The Chinese military has deployed armored vehicles to Europe for the first time as Chinese medics train in Germany

The exercise comes as China's military tries to build professional relationships with NATO militaries and ease concerns about China's military rise.
President of Iran Hassan Rouhani addresses the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters, September 22, 2016 in New York City.

Europe demands Iran reverse course as Tehran violates the nuclear deal

Europe has expressed concern as Iran violates the 2015 nuclear deal to force Europe's hand into offering either protection from US sanctions or a new deal.
The author, Jessica Stillman, moved from San Francisco to London in 2008, and now lives in Cyprus.

I’m an American who’s lived in Europe for 10 years — and I don’t miss these 5 aspects of American culture at all

Living abroad has taught me a lot about America, and has revealed some aspects of American society that I'm glad I left behind.
Tourists and Parisians bathe at the foot of the Eiffel Tower in the water of the Trocadero fountain to cool down on June 24, 2019.

20 photos show how tourists and locals are trying to survive the unprecedented heat wave melting Europe

A killer heat wave is melting Europe. Here are some photos of tourists and locals doing their best to keep cool.
The temperature anomaly across Europe on June 26, 2019.

‘Today is the hottest day in the history of France’: Europe’s hellish heat wave is caused by a high-pressure weather system unlike a...

France and Spain, among other nations, are experiencing a record-breaking heat wave this week. The cause is an abnormal high-pressure weather system.
Tourists in Pompeii shelter in the shade.

I visited Pompeii in the middle of Europe’s deadly heat wave, and I couldn’t believe how many tourists braved the sweltering temperatures

Naples, near Pompeii, is among the sixteen cities in Italy on red alert this week as temperatures hit 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, that's where I am right now.
Parisians and tourists, adults and children alike, bathe in bathing suits or underwear in the large pool of the Trocadero fountain overlooking the Eiffel Tower and play under the huge jet of water to cool down and avoid suffering from the intense heat as Paris and the whole of France enters its third day of heatwave on Wednesday 26 June 2019 and as the temperature has exceeded 35°C in Paris.

It’s so hot in Paris that the city is restricting the types of cars allowed on the road

Cars with the worst efficiency ratings will now be banned from the nation's capital amid fears of increased air pollution due to extreme heat.
Polizei Brandenburg shared an image of a man naked on his moped, and after they pulled him over.

‘It’s warm, eh?’: A man in Germany went out on his moped naked as Europe sizzles in a record-breaking heat wave

The police in Brandenburg shared images of the man amid extreme temperatures in Europe and as officials try to find ways to keep people cool.
France is facing its worst heatwave since 2003, with the screaming heat skull of death looming.

The heat wave in Europe is so intense that a weather map of France looks like a screaming heat skull of death

France, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Spain have experienced record-breaking temperatures this week, with officials taking steps to avoid deaths.

Bathing in fountains, new speed limits, and running naked down the freezer aisle: Here are all the ways people are trying to keep cool in Europe’...

A 32-year-old man in Hemer, western Germany, stripped naked and ran through the frozen aisle in a supermarket, local media reported.