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Global markets are tumbling after shockingly weak data out of China shows wounds of Trump’s trade war

Fear has taken hold in equity markets after China's industrial production plummeted, sparking a sell-off that spread globally.

Asian markets are welcoming China’s concessions on Trump’s trade war

A menu of factors affected stock markets on Thursday, including the thawing US-China trade war, global growth, and the European economy and Brexit.
Global markets are down, hurt by trade-war fears, and weak economic data in Asia and Europe.

So much for a ‘Santa rally’: Trump’s trade war is sending the S&P 500 toward its worst December since 2002

US-China trade-war tensions heightened over the weekend, sending global stocks lower. Weak data in China, Japan, and Germany also weighed on sentiment.

Global stocks drop after Trump trade-war jitters spark US bloodbath

Global equities took a hit Wednesday as trade-war jitters gripped financial markets. The Nasdaq and the S&P 500 tumbled more than 3.2% each Tuesday.
Director of National Economic Council Larry Kudlow

Stock markets jump after a key Trump advisor says there’s a ‘good possibility’ of a China trade deal

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said the White House was having "a lot of communication with the Chinese government at all levels."

European stocks could be surprise winner if Democrats end up winning the House

Assuming the Democrats take the House, it may lead to a pop in stocks in the auto sector, as investors bet on Trump's policy agenda being slowed down.
Dive! Submarine commander Sean Connery in The Hunt for Red October.

RED OCTOBER: Amazon, Google, and Snap are plunging and taking global stocks down with them

Stocks sunk in premarket trading Friday after disappointing earnings from Amazon, Google, and Snap weighed on an already gloomy sentiment in markets

The world’s largest hedge fund is betting big against Europe

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates has upped its bet against European stocks to $22 billion.

Money is pouring into one of the world’s biggest stock markets at a record pace

Investors poured roughly $6 billion into European equities last week. More than three-quarters of that was absorbed by exchange-traded funds.

One market looks like a ‘fertile hunting ground’

European stocks look awfully attractive.