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Julia Hawkins is believed to be the oldest woman to compete on an American track, according to The New York Times.

A 103-year-old woman who sets running records and looks for ‘magic moments’ shares 3 of her life tips, and they’re right in line wit...

Julia Hawkins, age 103, is a record-setting runner. She shared her life advice: Stay in shape, have passions, and take in "magic moments."
Your workout could be hurting you if you frequently feel dizzy, tired, or weak.

10 signs your workout is actually hurting you

Working out can do wonders for your body, but there are some habits in your fitness regimen that could be hurting you both physically and mentally.
Exercising can have some positive and negative impacts on your skin.

10 ways working out can help — and hurt — your skin

From bacterial infections to clearer pores, working out can positively and negatively impact your skin in a variety of ways.
Britney Spears shared her favorite workout of the moment on Instagram.

Britney Spears says she’s ‘working really hard to lose weight’ while sharing a look at her new workout routine

The singer told her Instagram followers that she isn't a fan of cardio and tends to focus on exercises that focus on repetition and isolated movement.

Stop wearing your AirPods at the gym

Apple's wireless earbuds have become a common sight at the gym these days. But you shouldn't wear AirPods while working out.
Grab the best seat in advance.

SoulCycle is copying an airline strategy to get more out of its most loyal members

SoulCycle has launched a new service where customers can book classes and the exact bike they want to be on 24 hours earlier than usual.
The more you cycle, the more your body will adjust to "saddle sore."

6 embarrassing workout questions, answered

Exercise can raise some awkward questions, like why it can cause gas and whether it's to blame for acne. Experts answer those and other questions.
SoulCycle's first London branch.

I’m a Londoner who just tried SoulCycle for the first time, and I now totally understand why Americans are so obsessed with the cult spin class

The celebrity-favourite workout is famous for its enthusiastic culture, but would it all be too American for reserved Brits? We went to find out.

The best exercise balls you can buy

Exercise balls are great for many types of workouts and you can even use one at your desk for active seating. These are the best exercise balls.

The best exercise bikes you can buy for home workouts

Exercise bikes give you a great workout, but you don't need to go to the gym to use one. These are the best exercise bikes you can buy for the home.