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An explosion in a Kuching megamall has killed 3 people and left 41 injured – here’s what we know

The explosion is believed to be caused by a leaking gas cylinder.

At least 22 people killed after explosion near a chemical plant in northern China

State media outlets shared video purporting to show the blast scene, showing towers of black smoke and sharp orange flames in the morning darkness.

An off-duty Border Patrol agent accidentally started a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona when a gender-reveal party went horribly wrong

A Border Patrol agent has to pay $220,000 in fines after starting a 47,000-acre wildfire in Arizona during a gender-reveal celebration for his wife's pregnancy last year. Dennis Dickey, of Tucson, Arizona, pleaded guilty on September 28 to causing a fire without a permit in April 2017.
A woman is taken away by the police after the explosion near the US embassy on July 26, 2018 in Beijing, China.

‘I do not know that man. I didn’t do anything!’: A woman who tried to share footage of the explosion near Beijing’s US Embassy...

The woman was dragged away by plainclothes men who said they were dealing with a "family matter," but the woman yelled, "I do not know that man. I didn’t do anything! I was just a bystander!" Censorship of controversial thoughts and political incidents is common in China

Authorities respond to an explosion near the US Embassy in Beijing

Videos that appear to have been captured from the scene show smoke and law enforcement officials responding to an incident.
Emergency responders examine the scene at a steam pipe explosion in Midtown Manhattan

Steam pipe explosion on NYC’s iconic 5th Avenue prompts evacuation of 28 buildings and asbestos warning

A steam pipe explosion in New York City's Flatiron District on Thursday morning sent steam spewing high above buildings and created a craterlike hole on Fifth Avenue. The incident also sparked concerns about asbestos.

An explosion reportedly just rocked the area near Cairo International Airport, sending a column of smoke into the air

A reported explosion at a fuel-storage facility near Cairo International Airport sent a column of smoke into the air high above the Egyptian capital's skyline. It's unclear what caused the explosion and whether there are injuries or fatalities.
An old photo of Southgate Tube Station.

Police blame ‘battery short circuit’ for explosion at London Southgate Tube station that hospitalised 2

The Metropolitan Police says there have not been any "serious" injuries.
Two suspects identified by the Peel Regional Police.

15 people injured after 2 men set off a bomb at a restaurant in Canada, police say

The police issued a photograph of two hooded men leaving the Bombay Bhel restaurant, in Mississauga, near Toronto, shortly before what the police call an improvised explosive device went off. At least 15 people have been hurt.
The moment a bonfire exploded in Stamford Hill, England, injuring 10.

10 injured after bonfire explodes at Jewish holiday festival in the UK

Multiple sources have reported that the event may have been caused by mobile phones being thrown into the fire. The event was in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Lag Ba'Omer, which is traditionally celebrated with large bonfires and pilgrimages to the Israeli city of Meron.