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Police battle protesters as they set streets ablaze in central Hong Kong

Petrol bombs, a smashed taxi, violent attacks - here's what happened in Hong Kong's protests over the weekend.

Hong Kong protests: Unarmed man seriously hurt after anti-government demonstrators attack him while others clapped

The man is seen kneeling down in surrender. But his attackers continue raining blows, cheered on by others who clap their hands.

Thousands of Hong Kong protesters are waving American flags and asking Donald Trump for help

"President Trump, please liberate Hong Kong," one of theirs banners read.
An anti-extradition bill protester is detained by riot police during a protest outside Mong Kok police station, in Hong Kong, China September 2, 2019.

Hong Kong’s leader says she’ll withdraw the controversial extradition bill. Protest leaders say it’s ‘too little, too lateR...

Protest leader Bonnie Leung told Insider Lam's move is too late. "If it happened two months earlier, I'm sure we would have seen much less bloodshed."

After months of unrest, Carrie Lam has withdrawn the extradition bill

The development comes just as MTR Corporation revealed that it had suffered around HK$50 million in damages in just a few weeks.

The death of Hong Kong’s extradition bill is a gift to Tiffany’s after protests wiped out 6 days of sales

The jeweler is planning to open a flagship store and expand its airport boutique.
Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam in a televised speech on September 4, 2019.

Hong Kong’s government scraps the incendiary extradition bill that has sparked months of protests

Hong Kong's leader, Carrie Lam, on Wednesday said she planned to withdraw the bill after meeting with pro-Beijing leaders.