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These computer glasses reflect blue light and prevent screen-induced headaches — and they’re available with prescription lenses

Eyewear startup Felix Gray, known for their reflective computer glasses, recently started offering their styles with prescription lenses for $145 a pair.

How to treat a stye and the products you need to do it

Styes can be a very annoying ailment, but many people do not know how to properly treat them. Here's what you can do treat a stye.
Some influencers are promoting trendy blue-light blocking glasses despite lack of scientific evidence surrounding their efficacy.

Instagram influencers are promoting blue light glasses that are supposed to minimize eye strain, but the science behind them is overhyped

Instagram influencers are promoting blue-light blocking glasses, but some claims about their efficacy aren't supported by research.

An artist found an inch-long parasitic worm in his eye — and created a haunting image

Parasitic nematodes, also known as Loa loa worms or African eyeworms, are parasites spread primarily by the bites of flies. People often don't notice they're infected until they spot a worm wriggling in their eye.

5 things you’re doing every day that could be hurting your eyes, even if you think you have perfect vision

Your eyes are precious, but people often take them for granted by avoiding eye exams or staring at screens for too long. We know that looking directly into the sun can hurt our eyes, but what else are we doing to harm our eye health without realizing it?
Abby Beckley, 28, of Oregon, was the first known case of human infected with "Thelazia gulosa", a cattle eye-worm species.

A woman found 14 worms hiding in her eye after it got red and scratchy — showing that a new species is capable of infecting humans

An Oregon woman found 14 Thelazia gulosa worms in her eye. They can infect cattle, but this is the first known case in a human.

A new report says 39 million contact lens wearers are at risk for severe eye damage — but it’s largely preventable

6 out of 7 contact lens wearers engage in at least one habit that puts them at risk for serious eye infection, according to a new CDC report.

Computer glasses that claim to protect your eyes from screens are selling like crazy, but they probably aren’t doing you much good

Doctors have explanations for why our eyes feel tired and stressed, but those explanations don't necessarily include light at all.

A former Microsoft engineer created a contact case that could lower your risk of eye infection

Contax is a stylish case that helps prevent bacteria from building up, thereby keeping it out of your contacts and your corneas.