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An F-35 Lightning II flies over as part of the Heritage Flight, also comprising of the P-51 Mustang, A-10 Thunderbolt, and F-22 Raptor, during Luke Days at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., March 18, 2018.

The F-35 was once trounced by F-16s in dogfights, but it just proved it can out-turn older jets

New videos leaked from the US Air Force's F-35 demo or stunt flying team show the jet making head-spinning turns that older jets could never hit.
An Israeli F-16I.

Russia’s air defenses can’t stop Israel from stomping on Iran in Syria with airstrikes

Russia has exported some of its best air defense systems to Syria, but Israeli jets keep beating them and it's making Russia look bad.

China’s J-20 stealth fighters will likely patrol Taiwan’s airspace soon — and the island nation is ready to counter

Beijing has repeatedly hinted that its new J-20 stealth fighters will conduct patrols in Taiwan's airspace to coerce the island nation to reunify with China.
An F-22 Raptor from the Hawaii Air National Guard’s 199th Fighter Squadron over the Pacific Ocean, March 27, 2012.

These are all the fighter jets in the US Air Force

The US Air Force boasts some of the most sophisticated air-to-air and ground-attack aircraft on the planet.

Air Force Thunderbirds pilot killed in F-16 crash at Nellis Air Force Base — the 3rd US military crash in 2 days

On Tuesday, a Marine Corps helicopter crashed in California, while a Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier jet crashed in east Africa.

It’s the US Air Force’s 70th birthday — here are 27 photos of it doing what it does best

The planes and airmen of US Air Force can be found all over the world, doing all sorts of things.

Watch a Danish jet intercept a Russian bomber over the Baltic Sea

Intercepts between the west and Russia have increased since 2014.

The Air Force just demonstrated an autonomous F-16 that can fly and take out a target all by itself

"We've not only shown how an [F-16 drone] can perform its mission when things go as planned, but also how it will react and adapt to unforeseen obstacles"

Dogfighting in an F-35 is ‘like having a knife fight in a telephone booth’

"If you get into a dogfight with the F-35, somebody made a mistake. It's like having a knife fight in a telephone booth — very unpredictable."

It’s time for the F-35 to start blowing up old F-16s

The F-35 is ready for some prime-time testing.