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An F-35B begins its short takeoff from the USS America with an external weapons load.

The US Navy just quietly sent an F-35 aircraft carrier to the Pacific — and it signals a big change

The US Navy broke with its tradition of hyping up F-35 deployments by sending the USS Essex jump-jet carrier into the Western Pacific with a deck full of the revolutionary fighter jets — and it could signal a big change in how the US deals with its toughest adversaries.
Russia's Su-57 fighter jet. Only 12 have been ordered, and no more orders are coming.

Russia admits defeat on its ‘stealth’ F-35 killer by canceling mass production of the Su-57 fighter jet

The Su-57, a plane designed to kill the US F-35 and F-22 stealth jets with an innovative array of radars, saw a brief period of combat over Syria, but the deployment lasted only days and didn't pit the jet against any threats befitting a world-class fighter.
How Turkey celebrated its first F-35.

Turkey held a bizarre ceremony to celebrate its F-35s — but it might not even get them

If Turkey owns the F-35 and a Russian air defense system, it could blunt a key NATO advantage over Russia: the next-generation capabilities of the most expensive weapons system every built.
Israel's first F-35A Lightning II fighter jet is revealed during a ceremony.

The US denied Turkey F-35 sales — and now it may turn to Russia in a nightmare for NATO

If Turkey owned the F-35 and the S-400, it would give Russia a window into NATO's missile defense network and the F-35's next-generation capabilities.
The new "Top Gun" won't feature the US Navy's top fighter jet.

F-35 embarrassed by Tom Cruise’s new ‘Top Gun’ movie going with its older competitor, the F-18

Tom Cruise on Thursday tweeted a teaser for the long-awaited sequel to "Top Gun" — and in doing so, he wandered into one of the most heated debates in modern combat aviation and delivered a savage burn to the F-35.

Close-up photos of Russia’s new ‘stealth’ jet reveal its true purpose — and it’s a big threat to the US

Su-57's stealth evaluated by a senior scientist who says it doesn't stack up. But the Su-57 doesn't need full stealth to be a real threat to the US Air Force's F-22 and F-35, which are missing some vital components.
F-22s can't be seen by most radar, or even heard by their allies.

F-22s and F-35s can’t talk to each other in high-end combat — but pilots found a workaround

F-22 and F-35 pilots "can just build a really smart tactical plan and do a really good job minimizing my comms ... That’s what fighter pilots do."
F-35 Lightning II flies over as part of the Heritage Flight, also comprising of the P-51 Mustang, A-10 Thunderbolt, and F-22 Raptor, during Luke Days at Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., March 18, 2018.

F-35s in Japan are still losing dogfights to F-15s sometimes — here’s why

F-35s focus on stealth, not dogfighting. "If you get into a dogfight with the F-35, somebody made a mistake. It's like having a knife fight in a phone booth."
The F-35Bs lined up for takeoff on USS Wasp (LHD 1) are potent. Imagine if Wasp was hauling a full squadron of them.

The US will send an F-35 aircraft carrier to South Korea — and North Korea should be afraid

A test pilot called the F-35 carrier configuration "the most powerful concentration of combat power ever put to sea in the history of the world."
Chief Aviation Boatswain's Mate (Handling) John Jacob directs an F-35B on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp (LHD 1) as part of a routine patrol in the Indo-Pacific region.

30 second clip shows how the US Marine Corps is changing the future of naval warfare

The F-35Bs on the decks of the US's small carriers, and soon the US's big carriers, naval warfare has changed forever.