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Apple CEO Tim Cook at the European Union's privacy conference in Brussels.

Tech’s 5 FAANG stocks just saw $150 billion of their market value vaporized, and Apple is reeling the hardest

Shares of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google tumbled, shedding $150 billion in market value as US-China trade war escalated.
George Soros

‘Deeply misguided and dangerous’: George Soros group slams Facebook as a threat to democracy in open letter to Sheryl Sandberg

Soros' foundation called on Sandberg to "remediate the damage done" after a report revealed Facebook's efforts to link Soros to the rise of anti-Facebook groups.

FAANG stocks have seen $600 billion of market value wiped out — here’s how much each one is on sale

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google were some of the hottest stocks in the market — they have lost a combined $604.3 billion since their recent peaks.

Here’s a state-by-state breakdown of Facebook users impacted by the Cambridge Analytica scandal

A total of 87 million Facebook users were affected by Cambridge Analytica, and 70 million of them were in the US. What percent of the people in your state did the data analytics company obtain information from?

16 events from 2016 that should give you hope for the future

A lot of depressing things happened in 2016, but so did a lot of positive things that shouldn't get overlooked.

Snapchat has taken a lead in one of the most disruptive areas of tech

The social-media app is popular with millennials. Its special sauce, for both popularity and monetization, lies in its unique approach to photo-taking​.

Everyone thought Mark Zuckerberg was crazy to buy a 13-person app for $1 billion — now Instagram looks like one of the most brilliant tech acqui...

At the time, people ridiculed Facebook paying $1 billion for an unknown photo app with 13 employees. Now it looks like a genius move.