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You can use Facebook to advertise your business to a target audience.

How to advertise for your business on Facebook

You can advertise for your business on Facebook by following these steps, and start targeting a specific audience on a platform that they already use.
Donald Trump's 2020 election advert on Facebook.

Facebook ads for Trump’s 2020 campaign used models to depict supporters and a Japanese storefront to show a US business

The videos appear to show Trump supporters such as "Tracey from Florida" but include small disclaimers saying: "Actual testimonial. Actor portrayal."

Most Facebook users don’t know that the site uses their interests for targeted ads, a new Pew survey says

A survey done by Pew Research Center found most Facebook users do not know the site collects their interests and lists them for advertisers.
The outside of Facebook's one-day pop-up about privacy in New York City's Bryant Park.

Facebook hosted a pop-up event in New York City for 1 day only to teach people about privacy. Here’s what it was like to visit

Facebook's one-day-only pop-up focused on how to manage the site's privacy settings.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

We ran 2 fake ads pretending to be Cambridge Analytica — and Facebook failed to catch that they were frauds

Facebook introduced transparency tools for political ads this year to combat misinformation, but they can still be easily manipulated.

Exxon, Ben & Jerry’s among buyers of US$256 million in political ads on Facebook

ExxonMobil has spent more than US$2.1 million on Facebook ads since May, while Ben & Jerry's has spent more than US$401,000.

Google and Facebook dominate digital advertising — and they now account for 25% of all ad sales, online or off

Google and Facebook's share of the advertising pie — online and off — keeps on growing.

Instagram isn’t just for kids anymore — brands and businesses are flocking to it

The number of companies that have created Instagram profiles is soaring, and the number of advertisers on the service has doubled in just six months.

To keep its revenue growing, Facebook needs to look outside the US

Facebook's largest group of active users are abroad, but the company hasn't figured out how to make money off of them yet.
An ad from a Russia-linked account on Facebook run during the 2016 presidential election.

Here are some of the Russian Facebook ads meant to divide the US and promote Trump

Some of the ads portrayed Hillary Clinton as Satan's ally, promoted a US burqa ban, racial discord, and glorified Trump.