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Inserting a hanging indent (a style requirement for forms like works cited pages) takes a few quick steps in Google Docs.

Google is finally changing its algorithm to boost original reporting, which is something that Facebook and Apple News still aren’t great at

News algorithms aren't very good at highlighting original and local reporting, leading to economic and democratic troubles. Google wants to fix that.

Congress is investigating Apple’s control of the market for iPhone repairs

Congress is investigating whether Apple's restrictions on third-party repairs constitutes a violation of antitrust law
Senator Ted Cruz was among the senators who wrote to Facebook.

Facebook removed a fact-check on an anti-abortion video after Republican senators including Ted Cruz complained

Doctors working for fact-checking site Health Feedback labelled a Facebook video from anti-abortion campaigner Lila Rose as inaccurate.
You'll have to log out of Messenger on your iPad using the main Facebook app.

How to log out of Facebook Messenger on your iPad, which you can only do through the main Facebook app

To log out of Messenger on an iPad, you'll need to go through the main Facebook app — not the Messenger app. Here's how to do it.

How to post 3D photos on your iPhone to Facebook, using Portrait Mode on certain iPhone models

It's possible to post 3D photos on certain iPhone models to Facebook, which can turn Portrait Mode photos into 3D images. Here's how to do it.

Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google all skipped signing a letter from 145 CEOs urging the Senate to take action on gun control

Gap, Twitter, Uber, and Levi Strauss joined over 100 major US companies in a letter to the Senate urging gun control legislation.

Andreessen Horowitz is reportedly backing Oculus founder Palmer Luckey’s new border technology startup with $1 billion valuation

Anduril reportedly also has backing from Peter Thiel's Founders Fund but has yet to disclose details of its funding.

Instagram appears to be working on a new video tool, and it’s a clone of the feature that made TikTok so successful

A reverse-app engineer has discovered that Instagram is working on something called "Clips," a new camera mode for creating Instagram Stories.

Here are all the features that Facebook Dating offers to woo millennials away from rivals like Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble

Facebook Dating has some key elements similar to Hinge — but also some unique features that no other apps out there have.
Some period-tracking apps are sharing extremely sensitive data with Facebook.

Popular period-tracking apps were found sharing extremely sensitive data to Facebook, including when users last had sex

Two apps in particular, Maya and MIA Fem, were sharing details such as when users' last had sex, and how much alcohol they had drunk in recent days.