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People are donning respirator masks as air quality worsens in San Francisco, and it’s locking them out of Face ID

As a result of the Northern California wildfires, air quality in the San Francisco Bay Area has worsened, forcing residents to wear respirator masks.

Apple says the reports that Animoji doesn’t require iPhone X are false

There's a lot of tech transforming users into the poop emoji.

No matter what, do not break your iPhone X – repairing it will cost more than ever

The iPhone X is a lot more expensive to repair than any of its predecessors. One chart shows the rising costs.
The iPhone X.

I’ve been using the iPhone X for 18 hours, and I’m already sold

The iPhone X has a great design, and features like Face ID work as advertised.

Here’s everything Apple announced at its big iPhone launch event

Apple held its annual event on Tuesday to announce not one, but three new iPhones — and much more.