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You can buy even fewer packs of toilet paper from FairPrice now – here’s what else the supermarket is restricting

The new purchase limits are still "sufficient to meet the daily grocery needs of an average family in Singapore", FairPrice said.

FairPrice is encouraging social distancing with a new priority hour reserved for the Pioneer Generation, disabled or pregnant

Not a PG card holder, disabled or pregnant? Here's when you are not allowed into FairPrice.

FairPrice is charging up to 20 cents for plastic bags at these 7 stores under a ‘No Plastic Bag’ trial

No more plastic bag buffets at these 7 FairPrice outlets.

From August, FairPrice members will no longer be able to scan their NRICs for perks – here’s what’s happening

You can use the electronic version of the NTUC Plus! membership card, which is available on the MyNTUC app, instead.