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A snake (not pictured) really scared the family.

A child is ‘totally unfazed’ after being bitten by a 5-foot-long snake that crawled into his home

Jenna Lees-Rolfe was making breakfast when she saw the snake in her kitchen. It really scared the family.
Some cruisers may not know that Disney Cruise Line is known for its adult-exclusive events and spaces.

20 mistakes to avoid making on a cruise

A cruise expert shares her tips on how to stay healthy, save money, and stay safe while on board.

Beasts of Balance is a new tabletop stacking game that combines strategy, communication, and competition — my whole family loves it

Beasts of Balance stacking game is perfect for the entire family. The award-winning game combines strategy, communication, and competition.
There are families with same-sex parents all over the world.

15 inspiring photos of families around the world with same-sex parents

From South Africa to Denver, families all over the world are looking different and more diverse.
A father's video documenting his daughter's first days of school is going viral.

A father interviewed his daughter on the first day of school for the past 13 years, and just released the video for her high school graduation

The father behind the video, Kevin Scruggs, told INSIDER he's glad to see his family tradition bringing a smile to people's faces.
Bringing in a new pet is no easy feat.

11 tips for bringing home a new pet

Bringing home a new pet can be as stressful as it is exciting. We rounded up some tips from pet experts.
At $715, the Lalo Daily stroller isn't cheap but it'll save you money in the long run because it comes with several attachments you'd normally buy separately with other strollers.

This $715 stroller costs more than most upfront, but it comes with extra attachments to save you hundreds over the years

The Lalo Daily stroller is more expensive than other strollers, but with tons of attachments and accessories, it's worth the hefty price.

The best beach toys you can buy for kids of all ages

Beach toys make a day spent next to the water even more fun. Whether you're looking for adult-friendly beach games or a fun set of toys for your kids.

How to use Amazon Family to save money on all the products your kids need

Amazon Family helps parents save money on products for kids. Here's how to sign up and how to use Amazon Family in 2019.

I don’t trust Facebook, but I can’t quit it either

For better or worse, Facebook is the only social network that has all of my friends and family in one place.