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Trump is touting a farm deal with Mexico that doesn’t seem to exist

Trump portrayed his agreement with Mexico over the weekend as a win for American farmers. But there is no evidence that such a deal exists.

9 mind-blowing facts about the US farming industry

The US farming industry contributes more than $100 billion to the economy — but it's being threatened by trade wars and climate change.
Farm equipment provides a backdrop as U.S. President Donald Trump takes the stage to deliver remarks on agriculture Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Trump is set to roll out a $16 billion bailout package as the trade war stings American farmers

The Trump administration is rolling out a second round of aid for farmers who have been stung by its yearlong trade war with China.

Trump says farmers will be some of the ‘biggest beneficiaries’ of the trade war as he floats billions in ag aid

President Donald Trump argued on Tuesday that farmers will ultimately benefit from the expanding trade war with China.

Nebraska’s devastating floods will force workers to leave the Midwest in droves. Here’s where they’re expected to migrate

Job opportunities in the Midwest are dwindling, in part due to the adverse effects of floods on agriculture, a new LinkedIn report finds.

US pork sales to China dropped by more than 250,000 tons last year as the trade war hits American farmers

Chinese pork imports from the US dropped more than 50% in 2018 as a result of the tariffs put in place during the Trump administration-led trade war.

Here’s what it’s like inside Starbucks’ stunning new ‘coffee sanctuary’ in Bali – its largest store in SEA

Coffee and art lovers, it looks like there's now one more place to add to your Bali holiday itinerary. 

Abandoned by banks, Indonesia’s poor farmers turn to crowdfunding

A 26-year-old Indonesian poultry farmer faced ruin 4 years ago, so he built an app.
Farmer John Duffy and Roger Murphy load soybeans from a grain bin onto a truck

Soybeans plunge to near their lowest level in a decade

Soybean prices fell to a near decade-low on Tuesday after data pointed to a larger-than-expected harvest and as the Trump administration escalated trade tensions with the China, the largest destination for American exports of the legume.