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Coffee is an important part of many a morning routine.

We asked more than 3,000 people about which fast-food chains have the best coffee, and Starbucks beat everyone by a mile

We asked readers to rank the fast-food chains with the best coffee, and Starbucks came out on top, beating out Dunkin' and McDonald's.
We asked readers which chain had the best breakfast, and McDonald's won by a landslide.

McDonald’s is the king of fast-food breakfast, according to customers

We asked readers which fast-food chains did what best, and we found that McDonald's completely dominated the breakfast arena.
Wendy's new breakfast menu has some real hard-hitter, such as the Breakfast Baconator.

I tried every item on Wendy’s new breakfast menu that is rolling out nationwide, and it blew me away

I tried everything on Wendy's new breakfast menu, and while there were some flops, there were definitely some major morning game-changers.

Chick-fil-A combined two of its best menu items — but it didn’t quite live up to the hype

Chick-fil-A has hopped on the bowl bandwagon with its hash brown scramble breakfast bowls.

Southerners swear by this regional chicken chain’s breakfast menu — we went to see if it lives up to the hype

Bojangles' is the fifth largest chicken chain in the country by sales, but is their breakfast worth the trip?