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My first Taco Bell experience.

I’m 22 and I just tried Taco Bell for the first time, and it definitely lived up to the hype

With National Fast Food Day coming up, I decided to try fan-favorite, Taco Bell, for the first time. See what I thought of the experience.
Taco Bueno serves hearty, faux, Tex-Mex food.

This popular Southern taco chain has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but on a recent visit, we were thoroughly impressed by the restaurant. Here̵...

Taco Bueno has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. But on a recent visit, it absolutely charmed us.
Shake Shack is offering free fries with an "I Voted" sticker or the code "ivoted."

These chains are offering freebies and deals on Election Day

Midterm elections are happening on November 6, and many brands are offering freebies and deals.
Fast food chains are recruiting at churches and through AARP.

Forget teenagers: Fast food joints across the US are hiring senior citizens, and it’s thanks to 2 major demographic trends

Fast food chains across the US are hiring senior citizens instead of teenagers, thanks to a shortage of workers and the fact that more Americans are working past age 65.
Kanye West's favorite restaurant is McDonald's.

Kanye West says his favorite restaurant is McDonald’s, but he bought the rights to open locations of 2 other fast-food burger chains

Kanye West has made investments in McDonald's rivals, buying the rights to franchise Fatburger and Burger King.
McDonald's has a new breakfast item: Triple Breakfast Stacks.

McDonald’s is adding new breakfast sandwiches with 3 times as much meat to its menu. Here’s how they actually taste.

McDonald's is debuting Triple Breakfast Stacks — breakfast sandwiches with three times as much meat — on Thursday.
McDonald's $6 Meal Deal packs in a lot of food for $6.

McDonald’s is debuting a new deal that packs in a ton of food — and more than 1,000 calories — for $6. Here’s how the options ...

McDonald's is debuting the new $6 Classic Meal Deal on Thursday. Here's what it's like.
You can order a "Purple McShake" at McDonald's in Japan.

12 McDonald’s fast-food items everyone should try from around the world

Before digging into your tried-and-true Quarter Pounder, take a moment to consider some of these popular staples available to McDonald’s enthusiasts around the world.

This defunct burger chain invented much of what you love about fast food

McDonald's is well known for its Happy Meal, but it wasn't the first to serve a bundled kids' meal.
Henry's Hamburgers once had more than 200 locations. Today, there's only one Henry's left.

16 restaurant chains you once loved that you’ll likely never be able to eat at again

Some restaurants like Burger Chef, Minnie Pearl's Chicken, and others that once had over 500 locations are no longer around.