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Wendy's new breakfast menu has some real hard-hitter, such as the Breakfast Baconator.

I tried every item on Wendy’s new breakfast menu that is rolling out nationwide, and it blew me away

I tried everything on Wendy's new breakfast menu, and while there were some flops, there were definitely some major morning game-changers.
McDonald's new chicken sandwich.

McDonald’s disappointing new menu item proves how badly the chain needs to invest in a new chicken sandwich after Popeyes’ runaway success...

This week, McDonald's entered the chicken sandwich battle arena. But, its fighter failed to live up to expectations.
The massively popular chicken sandwich sold out at Popeyes two weeks after it was launched.

Popeyes told customers to bring their own buns to get chicken sandwiches — but some workers say they were left out of the loop

Business Insider spoke with multiple Popeyes employees who had never even heard of the "Bring Your Own Bun" program.
You can have your fast food and eat it too with these luxury furniture items.

People are losing it over a hot dog couch and hamburger chair selling for more than $12,000 combined

The luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman is selling the fast food furniture pieces, which can be paired with tomato and pickle pillows.
Chipotle's guacamole — long a customer favorite — has sparked complaints from some customers in recent weeks.

Chipotle’s customers and employees complain about ‘inedible’ and ‘stringy’ avocados in guacamole

Chipotle customers and employees have been complaining about gross guacamole made with hard and stringy avocados.
KFC is organizing and paying for six chicken-themed weddings for Australian couples.

KFC is throwing weddings for 6 couples that come with a food truck and enough fried chicken to feed 200 guests

The fast food giant will supply its famous fried chicken, plus chicken-themed decorations, activities, and more for each of the weddings.
Popeyes chicken sandwich.

Popeyes tells customers to bring their own buns after the chain runs out of its supply of chicken sandwiches

Popeyes is rolling out a BYOB — Bring Your Own Bun — policy after selling out of its new chicken sandwich.
McDonald's spicy BBQ chicken sandwich should have stayed in the test kitchen where it belongs.

McDonald’s new spicy chicken sandwich is a wimpy response to Popeyes’ chicken sandwich triumph

I tried McDonald's new spicy BBQ chicken sandwich and tenders, and both were giant steps in the wrong direction.
Taco Bell's classic Bean Burrito.

Taco Bell has a new menu dedicated to vegetarians, including meatless versions of the Crunchwrap Supreme and Quesarito

Taco Bell's new "vegetarian favorites" menu will also include the chain's classic 7-Layer Burrito and Bean Burrito.