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New fathers can get postpartum depression after a baby is born.

Yes, men can get postpartum depression — here’s how to get help

Men can get postpartum depression, just like women, after a baby is born. Here's how to recognize the symptoms and get help.

Prince Harry is reportedly asking the queen for paternity leave — here are 6 things millennial dads do that their parents didn’t

Prince Harry is reportedly asking for 2 weeks of paternity leave. Here are 6 key ways in which millennials dads are different from their own dads.
A father with his baby.

Fathers over 45 put the health of both babies and mothers at risk, according to a major new study

According to a major Stanford University study, men over 45 who father children are more likely to put both the health of the mother and baby at risk.

9 scientific ways being a father affects your success

The 'daddy bonus' is a real thing and can add up to 6% more to your paycheck than if you didn't have kids. Researchers have found 8 other key ways being a father impacts success.
Bill Gates said his father encouraged him to go out for sports.

14 successful people share the best advice they ever got from their dads

Father's Day is here, so we've collected the best advice super-successful business leaders ever got from their dads. Check out this insight from business titans like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Indra Nooyi.
Dads deserve time with their kids, too.

The 20 best places for new dads to work in 2018

When you're a new father, perks like paternity leave, flexible work, and support networks can be not just nice to have — but real game-changers. And for the companies that offer them, they're a real competitive advantage.

6 ways American fathers are doing better than their dads before them

Father's Day reminds America of how important dads are and how much we learn from them. Here are ways fatherhood has changed for the better in the United States

A dad at JPMorgan filed a class-action charge alleging the bank reinforces ‘the stereotype that raising children is women’s work’

Fathers at JPMorgan Chase are telling their employer that they want more paid time off to care for their kids, too.

The co-CEOs of a $750 million startup explain how having kids changed one of their company’s biggest policies

Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider announced a gender-neutral policy of 16 weeks paid leave at their company, Harry's.