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PHOTOS: I ate in Haidilao’s new S$888 VIP room that has an exclusive light show – but it wasn’t worth the price

Honestly, you'd probably have a better time sitting with everyone else.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Instagram will become a $14 billion business for Facebook this year, analyst says

Jefferies told clients that Instagram will be a major driver of Facebook's growth as revenue from Facebook's core business is expected to slow.
Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, may have lost bank this month, but it wasn't because of the recent hack.

Facebook just revealed that a huge hack affected 30 million people, and Wall Street doesn’t seem to care

Facebook's stock was down by just a fraction of a percent on Friday, despite what appears to be the largest security breach in the company's history.

As Snapchat growth stalls out, Facebook Stories hits 150 million daily active users

Although concerning, this trend is nothing new for Snap, which has had its ideas 'borrowed' by Facebook since the launch of Instagram Stories in 2016.

Mark Zuckerberg says that nobody has been fired at Facebook over the Cambridge Analytica scandal

"We're still working through this. At the end of the day, this is my responsibility," Mark Zuckerberg said on a call with reporters.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will have to find a new bot to order his coffee.

Facebook is killing off M, the messenger assistant that books dinner reservations on command

The human/artificial intelligence hybrid tool will shut down entirely on January 19.

Facebook is rising after talks with Hollywood to produce scripted shows are reported

The Wall Street Journal reporting is the latest in a slow trickle of details from Facebook about its video aspirations. Business Insider reported about Facebook's initial talks earlier this year.

Tech stocks plunged on Thursday

Shares of technology companies were down sharply across the board on Thursday as the Nasdaq Composite fell 1.41%.

5 things that Facebook’s security guru says every user should do to be safe online

A Facebook security product manager runs through the most important things you should remember whenever you sign up for a new internet account