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The perfect way to start an email is usually your safest choice.

The perfect way to start an email — and 29 greetings you should usually avoid

If you think the email greeting isn't all that important and that it's silly to overthink it, you're wrong. There's usually one perfect way to start an email and tons more greetings you should avoid.
Coffin is moved over by a truck after archaeologists unearthed a sarcophagus containing three mummies in Alexandria, Egypt July 19, 2018.

Archaeologists opened an enigmatic black sarcophagus found in Egypt — see photos of the gruesome scene

It's been over 24 hours since archaeologists from Egypt's antiquities ministry pried open a mysterious, 30-ton black sarcophagus. What the archaeologists found inside the sarcophagus was grisly — but it was not the earth-shattering discovery some had hoped it would be.
Multinational special operations forces participate in a submarine insertion exercise with the fast-attack submarine USS Hawaii and combat rubber raiding craft off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii, July 9, 2018.

Here’s what it looks like when special operations forces launch raids from a submarine

The fast-attack submarine USS Hawaii carried out a discreet mission close to the shore of Oahu, secreting special-operations personnel close to shore to practice a submarine-insertion maneuver that's a mainstay of naval commando raids. Here's how it works.
Insomnia Cookies delivers warm, gooey cookies until 3:00 a.m.

Krispy Kreme just bought a cookie chain with a cult following on college campuses across America. Here’s what it’s like to eat there.

Krispy Kreme just acquired Insomnia Cookies, a cookie chain that offers delivery. The late-night cookie chain has a loyal following on college campuses across America. See what it's like to eat there.
The sunshine of my love.

Google’s incredible Pixel 2 has the best camera I’ve ever used on a smartphone — these photos are proof

No matter what the lighting situation, or how quickly the photo is snapped, Google's Pixel 2 smartphone camera captures incredibly vibrant, sharp photographs.

9 photos of Russia’s new stealth frigate, a small warship that’s much better armed than the US Navy’s LCS

The Russian Navy will receive a new stealth frigate in late July. The ship does appear to be well-armed — especially as compared to the US Navy's littoral combat ships, a class of small surface combatants that has also struggled with delays and propulsion problems.

This $530 Android phone can take better shots than the $1,000 iPhone X — sometimes

The OnePlus 6 makes you wonder whether spending $1,000 on a smartphone like Apple's iPhone X is worth it. Here's a camera comparison shoot-out to help you decide.
"It's basically pornography," shopper Jessie Shealy wrote on Victoria's Secret's Facebook page, referring to the ads on display in her local store in South Carolina.

These photos reveal why women are abandoning Victoria’s Secret for American Eagle’s Aerie underwear brand

Victoria's Secret goes for racy images in its ads, while its rival, Aerie, focuses on female empowerment. Aerie's approach seems to be resonating well with female customers. We visited both and saw the differences firsthand.
These towns have great bar scenes, microbreweries, and educated populations.

The 20 best college towns in America

Did your college town make the cut?

Here’s where you can legally consume marijuana in the US in 2018

It's legal to use marijuana in nine states, including California, Nevada, and Vermont, in 2018 — and more are expected to join them. Here's the full list of where you can legally light up.