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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

One viral thread shows how quickly YouTube steers people to wacko conspiracy theories and false information

A student looking for information on the Federal Reserve would get some pretty whacky information if they relied on YouTube for their research.

There’s a simple way to tell the US job market is not as strong as it appears

US wage growth remains weak given the low level of unemployment, suggesting the job market still has room for improvement.

A trusty recession signal is telling the Fed ‘we’re about where we need to be’ on interest rates

Look no further than the $15 trillion US government bond market for evidence investors are not convinced the Federal Reserve can keep raising interest rates at the recent clip without derailing the economy, which remains fragile despite strong headline numbers.

Warren Buffett on Elon Musk’s tweeting: ‘I don’t think it’s helped him a lot’

Warren Buffett said Tesla CEO Elon Musk's tweets are not helping, that'd he'd take credit for the wisdom from a Twitter impersonator, and that President Donald Trump's idea to move away from quarterly earnings was misguided.

There’s one simple explanation for the wage stagnation ‘puzzle’ confounding top Fed officials

Federal Reserve officials have long been baffled by the absence of wage growth for median US workers despite a long-standing economic recovery that has sharply lowered unemployment to 3.9%.
President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

3 of the world’s most important central bankers are skipping this year’s ‘summer camp for economists’ in Jackson Hole

The European Central Bank (ECB) chairman Mario Draghi and the Bank of Japan (BOJ) governor, Haruhiko Kuroda’s are both missing from the list of attendees at this year's annual central bankers meeting on monetary policy at Jackson Hole in the United States.
President Donald Trump and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Jerome Powell should use his Jackson Hole speech to shield Fed independence from Trump’s attacks

Powell's Jackson Hole speech Friday morning presents the perfect opportunity for a measured but decisive pushback from the Fed chairman.
Jackson Hole.

The annual Jackson Hole conference kicks off today — here’s what to expect from the elite summer retreat for the world’s central ban...

This year's symposium is focused on the topic of "Changing Market Structure and Implications for Monetary Policy."
Donald Trump's comments are hurting the dollar.

The dollar is falling after Trump slammed the Fed again

One analyst said a pattern is starting to emerge showing "the president willing to talk the USD lower whenever it starts to look a bit toppy."

Trump just attacked the Fed again — an ugly economic lesson from the Nixon administration shows why his criticism is so worrying

In an interview with Reuters, Trump said he was "not thrilled" by Fed chairman Jerome Powell's decision to raise interest rates and would continue to criticize the Fed if interest rate hikes continued.