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Frederick W. Smith, FedEx CEO

FedEx CEO challenges New York Times publisher to public debate on taxes

FedEx CEO Frederick W. Smith called a New York Times story about the company's tax bill "distorted and factually incorrect."
You can print a shipping label on eBay and send out items you've sold via standard USPS mail, or through FedEx and UPS.

How to print a shipping label on eBay, to send out items you’ve sold by mail or another shipment service

You can print a shipping label on eBay and send out items you've sold via standard USPS mail, or through FedEx and UPS. Here's how to do it.
Kroger is bringing package-delivery and pick-up services to its stores.

The largest grocery chain in the US is working with UPS, USPS, and FedEx to lure more shoppers to stores

Kroger plans to test package-delivery and pick-up services in about 220 stores in 2019, Business Insider has learned.
US Air Force Col. Todd Hohn, then the 97th Air Mobility Wing commander, with U.S. Air Force pilots are briefed on a quarterly exercise on Oct. 13, 2016, at Altus Air Force Base, Okla. Hohn is presently detained in China.

A FedEx pilot was held in Chinese custody for a week in the latest dustup amid Trump’s trade war

FedEx has been caught in the middle of the China-US trade war, and one of its pilots was detained for a week, according to The Wall Street Journal.
FedEx admits Amazon is a competitor in logistics.

The CEO of FedEx finally admits Amazon is a competitor after months of saying it wasn’t

In the past, CEO Fred Smith has described the idea that FedEx could be disrupted by Amazon as "fantastical."
Jim Cramer was alarmed by the FedEx call.

FedEx just sounded the alarm on US growth — and Jim Cramer said it was the ‘most dispiriting call about the economy I’ve heard in a ...

"There is a lot of whistling past the graveyard about the US consumer and the United States economy versus what's going on globally."
There are no Amazon packages in that truck.

Don’t blame Amazon for FedEx’s stock free fall

Yes, FedEx publicly dumped Amazon this summer. No, Amazon is not the reason FedEx's stock is in a free fall.

FedEx tumbles 9% after slashing profit forecast, citing trade war and recession fears

FedEx now expects its full-year earnings per share to fall between $11 and $13, while analysts expected $14.73.
FedEx is cutting ties with Amazon, and getting cozy with Walmart.

Here’s why FedEx ditched Amazon and is throwing itself into powering Walmart’s e-commerce aspirations

FedEx decided "not to get into bed with Amazon," which is shaping up to be a shipping rival. Instead, FedEx is joining forces with Walmart.

The US Postal Service’s volumes tanked for the first time in nearly a decade — here’s why insiders say FedEx and Amazon are to blame...

The cash-strapped USPS has largely depended on the e-commerce boom. FedEx and Amazon are now starting to divert packages away from the USPS.