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How to find and replace high-fee funds and ETFs using Personal Capital, which saved me $300 in my first year

Fees for high-cost mutual funds and ETFs can easily take thousands of dollars out of your portfolio between now and retirement.

I ran my investments through Personal Capital’s free tool and was shocked by how much money I’d been wasting in fees

Running my investments through Personal Capital's fee analyzer made me realize I was paying 10 times more in fees than I would for similar accounts.
Fees alone aren't enough reason not to use a 401(k).

The difference between typical and expensive 401(k) fees can come down to a single percentage point, but most people have no idea what they’re p...

Fees alone aren't enough reason not to use a 401(k), but being charged 2% or more means that money might be better off elsewhere.
Worst case scenario, it's possible that you could go to jail.

12 terrible things that could happen if you don’t do your taxes

You'll want to pay your taxes, if only to avoid these consequences.

Singapore restaurant’s S$15 birthday cake-cutting fee sparks debate – but it’s fairly common practice and some charge even more

One restaurant charges a whopping S$50 for patrons who ask staff to cut and serve a self-bought birthday cake.

United Airlines will start charging more for some economy seats, and it’s part of a costly trend that’s plaguing the industry

United Airlines announced a plan to begin charging an extra fee for passengers to reserve economy seats near the front of the plane. Separating the costs of various travel services into their own fee group is an industry practice known as "unbundling."

Why you have to pay a fortune to get a decent seat on a plane

Airlines are charging customers a fortune with a collection of additional fees. This tactic is called "Unbundling," and it's relatively new to the industry, as it was driven by changing economic conditions and the birth of the internet.

The emergence of a new kind of fund could ‘radically alter’ the investment industry

Variable pricing mutual funds offer a performance-based fee structure that could help active managers compete with rapidly growing passive investment.

Here’s how much the top Wall Street banks have earned in fees in 2016

Global investment banking revenue was down 14% from the same period last year according to Dealogic.

There’s only one place in the world to be an investment banker

American investment banks are dominating.