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Fertility clinics vary widely in their medical protocols, price, and more.

A fertility clinic is under fire after a woman gave birth to 2 other couples’ babies, but the scandal may be a symptom of a larger issue

There's no one government agency that oversees the fertility industry or that can discipline centers with faulty practices.
Eve Wiley is working to pass a law that would make it illegal for a doctor to use his own sperm to impregnate female patients, after learning that's how she was conceived.

A woman in Texas discovered her mother’s sperm donor was actually her fertility doctor, and now she’s fighting to make cases like it a cri...

For years, 31-year-old Texas woman Eve Wiley believed her biological father was a sperm donor. Then she learned it was her mother's doctor.

How your fertility changes throughout the years

Whether you want to start a family or just want to educate yourself about fertility, INSIDER unpacked how fertility changes over time.
Microscopic view of sperm.

8 myths you should stop believing about sperm

There is a lot of misinformation about sperm and its relationship to sex and fertility, so we consulted with a doctor to find out what is true.
There are some things you should discuss with your doctor before trying to get pregnant.

7 things you should know before trying to get pregnant

There are a lot of things to consider and get checked out before trying to get pregnant. Here's what you should know.

Marijuana use may lead to higher sperm counts in men, despite past research

A new study found a potential link between marijuana use and increased sperm count in men, despite previous research that suggested otherwise.

I spent weeks asking people for advice on fertility treatments. Here are 10 things fertility experts think everyone should know.

We spoke to fertility experts and women who have undergone fertility treatments for this list of things everyone should know about the topic.
A study found that excess insulin can damage cells from the placenta.

Researchers may be closer to determining one of the reasons miscarriages happen

New research examining placenta cells in test tubes found they were damaged by high levels of insulin.
The sperm donation process can last for over a year.

16 myths about sperm donation you should stop believing

From how long the process takes to how much you get paid, here are some common myths about donating sperm, debunked.
The US fertility rate dropped in 2017, according to a new report.

The US is in the danger zone for a ‘demographic time bomb,’ and the high cost of childcare could be partially to blame

A new report from the CDC found that the total fertility rate in the US is below what's needed to replace the population over time.