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Millimeter-wave, full-body scanners are the most common in airports in the US.

Airport body scanners are safe during pregnancy, here’s how they work

The radiation you receive from airport body scanners is less than what you get on the flight. It's safe for everyone to use, including pregnant women.

Indiana investigators held a burial for the remains of more than 2,400 fetuses found in an abortion provider’s garage and car

Investigators found 2,411 fetal remains stored in the garage and car of an abortion doctor who had recently died. The Indiana Attorney General held a burial service.
An ultrasound can determine if your baby has turned head down.

When to expect a baby to turn head down during pregnancy

Your baby is likely to turn head down after the 20th week of pregnancy, but this often varies. Here's what you need to know.

Babies can see and hear a lot more inside the womb than you might suspect

When I became a dad, I was surprised to learn that a rock concert or even a sunlit day could leave an indelible mark on our developing baby.