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Reading physically relaxes the body by helping to reduce the heart rate and release tension in the muscles.

25 of the highest-rated novels you can read in 5 hours or less

Reading improves our quality of life in a variety of ways. These shorter titles, all under 250 pages, are brief enough to incorporate into any busy schedule.

Terry Pratchett’s unfinished novels have been destroyed by a steamroller — which is exactly what he wanted

A hard drive containing as many as 10 unpublished works was crushed at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in Tarrant Hinton, Dorset.

A surprising percentage of people report hearing voices of characters in stories even when they aren’t reading

Almost a fifth of readers said they hear the voices or thoughts of characters in regular life even when they aren't reading the book those characters are in.

‘Game of Thrones’ author George R.R. Martin just posted a chapter from the next book online

George R.R. Martin gave "Game of Thrones" fans a treat by offering up a new chapter of his upcoming novel.

The 20 best fiction books of 2015

Goodreads readers voted on the best fiction that came out this year.

This startup just got $1.2 million to bring bite-sized fiction to your phone

Prerna Gupta thinks she knows why most attempts to bring fiction to our phones have failed.