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NYC’s $15 minimum wage hasn’t brought the restaurant apocalypse — it’s helped them thrive

A new study suggests that increasing pay for restaurant workers, who make up the bulk of low-wage earners, may not harm businesses.
Sen. Bernie Sanders has argued that Walmart should raise its minimum hourly wage to at least $15.

Bernie Sanders handed over his Twitter to Walmart workers, and they sounded off on declining store hours, the Walton fortune, and the retail giantR...

Bernie Sanders is set to speak at Walmart's annual shareholders meeting today to demand seats for hourly employees on the corporation's board.

Dozens of workers have filed sexual harassment lawsuits against McDonald’s, and it reveals a dark truth plaguing the industry

McDonald's is under fire, with 25 employees filing sexual harassment charges against the fast-food giant on Tuesday.
Workers protest outside a McDonald's restaurant on November 10, 2015 in Miami, Florida. The protesters are demanding action from state legislators and presidential candidates to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The president of the union that helped make a $15 minimum wage a reality at Amazon and Costco reveals how automation could be good news for fast-food ...

"I think we should welcome automation," the SEIU's president, Mary Kay Henry, told Business Insider.

Trump’s failed labor secretary pick reveals a fast-food industry at war

Trump's initial labor secretary nomination of Andy Puzder dragged the White House into the labor battle currently raging in the fast-food industry.

CLEVELAND FED: Raising the minimum wage is bad news for America’s poorest

"Raising the minimum wage won’t necessarily reduce poverty," Cleveland Fed.