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If you thought 2018 was bad for markets, a cocktail of fears is set to make 2019 even worse

Markets are set for another turbulent year in 2019 as the world adjusts to tightening monetary policy, the Bank for International Settlements warns.
Seabee is participating in the endurance course at the Jungle Warfare Training Center in Okinawa, Japan.

US government debt costs may soon eclipse military spending

The US federal government could soon spend more on interest for its debt then on the military with interest payments to make up 13% of the federal budget a decade from now, The New York Times reported.
Martin Gilbert

A $736 billion investor that survived the stock-market crash of a lifetime has 3 simple pieces of advice for anyone who’s just starting out

Martin Gilbert, the co-CEO of Standard Life Aberdeen, a $736 billion asset manager and the largest active manager in the UK, recently shared with Business Insider three things he thought investors could learn from the 2008 crash — especially those who weren't there.
The New York Stock Exchange.

A spike in 10-year Treasury yields could trigger a financial crisis to rival the Great Depression

The next bear market in the United States is likely to be caused by a spike in 10-year Treasury yields and would risk setting off a $10 trillion crash in US household assets, according to Martin Feldstein, the president emeritus of the US National Bureau of Economic Research.
Ford Motor Company CEO Alan Mulally, Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli and GM CEO G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. testify during a Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee hearing on Capitol Hill November 18, 2008 in Washington, DC.

GM, Ford, and Chrysler almost died a decade ago during the financial crisis — here’s how the auto giants have changed since

The US auto industry almost died a decade ago amidst the worst financial crises since the Great Depression, Each of the "Big Three" automakers — Ford, GM, and Chrysler — took their individual path to recovery.
Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.

The Treasury Secretary’s hectic schedule after Lehman Brothers’ collapse illustrates the chaos of the financial crisis

Saturday marks exactly 10 years from the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the biggest bankruptcy in the history of the United States, and the defining event of the financial crisis. Treasury secretary Hank Paulson's schedule from the days after the collapse show how truly crazy it was.
Former Barclays CEO Bob Diamond.

The ex-Barclays CEO once dubbed the ‘unacceptable face of banking’ thinks banks should be taking more risks today

With the 10-year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers just two days away, many key figures from the financial crisis have taken the opportunity in recent days to reflect on their part in it — Bob Diamond included.
The Serhant Team, the top New York real-estate team by sales volume, closed deals worth more than $838 million in 2017.

A ‘Million Dollar Listing’ star got into real estate at the peak of the 2008 recession, and he’s convinced it was key to his success...

Ryan Serhant got his real-estate license a decade ago, at the start of the 2008 financial crisis. Serhant said he was broke at the time and had nothing to lose. His team is now the No. 1 real-estate team by sales volume in New York City.

One of the City’s most powerful figures backs calls for ‘fundamental reform’ to the UK economy — after damning report on child...

A 'fundamental reform' of the UK economy as radical as Labour’s post war Keynesian reforms and Thatcherism in the 80’s is needed to address inequality and failure to raise living standards in the UK since the 2008 financial crisis, a report on the economy has said.