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MAS proposes fintech sandbox scheme with fast-track approvals

The "Sandbox Express" will enable these firms to embark on experiments without needing to go through the existing bespoke sandbox application and approval process.
Goldman Sachs hopes the spreadsheet software will help bankers in the digital age.

Goldman Sachs just bought a one-person startup, and it’s betting it could change the day-to-day lives of its bankers

Goldman Sachs has been searching for years for an investment-banking equivalent to the vaunted risk-management system its traders use. It may have just found it.
N26 cofounder and CEO Valentin Stalf.

A Peter Thiel-backed fintech that aims to be ‘a mixture of Venmo, Zelle, Mint and Chase’ is launching next year in the US

A so-called challenger bank, N26 doesn't operate brick-and-mortar branches because its customers "prefer to minimize interactions with their banks.

Hong Kong embraces crypto with UK-style ‘sandbox’ to protect startups from regulatory burdens

Hong Kong is planning for a regulatory "sandbox" for crypto, echoing a UK program that regulators have hailed as a success in the global fintech hub.

Islamic robo-adviser to expand in Gulf, Southeast Asia by 2019

Islamic financial products follow religious principles such as bans on investing in gambling and tobacco, in much the same way as socially responsible funds.

A Singapore FinTech Festival programme has attracted US$12 billion for enterprises

More than 17,000 matches have so far been made.

The FCA’s fintech sandbox is already delivering value

Since the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) launched its regulatory sandbox in 2016, 89 companies have been accepted to test their products and services. Now, a newly released report by Deloitte and Innovate Finance has found that companies that have been in, or are still journeying through, the FCA’s sandbox believe it has delivered real value.
Qwil CEO and cofounder Johnny Reinsch

A startup CEO who was turned down 100 times before raising $5 million says he suffers from ‘impostor syndrome’ — and he hopes it nev...

"Impostor syndrome" is the phenomenon in which people don't think they deserve their success and fear being exposed as frauds. Johnny Reinsch, the CEO of the fintech startup Qwil, said he's had impostor syndrome since he cofounded his company in 2015.
N26 CEO and cofounder Valentin Stalf.

An app-only bank backed by Peter Thiel is launching in the UK — and it’s targeting the US next

N26 plans to run a 'beta' testing phase before rolling out to its 50,000-strong UK waiting list in the coming weeks. The app-only bank was founded in Berlin, Germany, but currently operates in 17 markets across Europe and has 1.5 million customers.