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Fitbit’s affordable new smartwatch nails the basics, and that’s more than enough — for now

Fitbit's Versa Lite maintains many of the characteristics that made its predecessor great at a lower price — but the competition is heating up.

Fitbit’s smartwatches are missing one important thing that Apple, Samsung, and Google all offer

Fitbit is now one of the biggest smartwatch makers in the world, but its Versa watches still lack voice support and digital assistants.

‘Why wouldn’t everyone in the world have a wearable?’: Fitbit’s CEO on its new products, fixing the way we sleep, and taking o...

Fitbit CEO James Park discusses the company's larger health initiatives, competing with Apple, and its new Versa Lite smartwatch.

Fitbit is launching a cheaper version of its popular Versa smartwatch — and it costs less than half as much as the latest Apple Watch

Fitbit on Wednesday unveiled the Versa Lite Edition, a cheaper version of its Versa smartwatch that offers many of the same features.

The Apple Watch is the world’s most popular smartwatch — here are the 5 features we want to see next

The Apple Watch accounts for half of global smartwatch sales, says a new report, but there are some areas where it lacks compared to its rivals.

The next Apple Watch might introduce a new feature Fitbit has offered for a long time

Apple may add sleep-tracking capabilities to the Apple Watch, according to a new report, giving Apple's wearable a feature Fitbit as long offered.

The Fitbit Versa smartwatch has all the fitness-tracking features you want — and it’s $30 off until February 16

The Fitbit Versa is $30 off on Amazon, Best Buy, and Fitbit's website. The smartwatch can track your health and show notifications from your phone.

The best Fitbits you can buy

We compare the Fitbit Charge 2, Versa, Alta HR, Ionic, and Zip to determine which is the best Fitbit for each person and budget.

8 reasons you should buy Fitbit’s $200 smartwatch instead of an Apple Watch

Fitbit newest smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa, is smaller, cheaper, and has a few more features than the Apple Watch.

I tried the best-selling $50 smart scale that syncs with Fitbit and tracks your fitness goals — here’s how it works

The scale measures weight, BMI, body fat, lean mass, water weight, and bone mass. It's a best-seller on Amazon and comparatively inexpensive at $50.