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Incorporate healthy fats, such as avocado, into your main meal.

8 weight-loss tips you can incorporate into your diet that actually work

By paying attention to your salt and sugar intake and enjoying healthy fats, you can successfully maintain weight loss.

David Beckham’s yoga teacher says this 8-step desk routine will boost your brain power — and it only takes 5 minutes

Vertue has been teaching yoga and training private clients for 10 years, and often shares her workouts and impressive bendiness with her 250,000 Instagram followers. She shared a simple 'desk yoga sequence' on her blog that she says will wake you up and boost your brain power while at work — and it only takes five minutes.
Weight lifting could help support a healthy mind, according to research from the University of Limerick.

There’s now scientific evidence to suggest that lifting weights can help relieve symptoms of depression

The physical benefits of resistance training, such as burning fat and building lean muscle, are widely recognised, and new research suggests that it could also support a healthy mind — but for many people already regularly lifting weights this will come as no surprise.

Strength training doesn’t just build muscle — it also helps fight depression, a new study found

Researchers have known for some time that aerobic exercise can significantly reduce symptoms of depression. Now, in a new review of studies, researchers say that strength training can also help treat depression.

The 8 most effective workouts if you have only 20 minutes

Between busy work days, social lives, and family demands, it can feel impossible to fit a gym routine into your day, especially if you think it's going to take up an hour or so every workout. But if you're smart about it, you can get in shape while taking up far less of your day.
Doing cardio before lifting weights will make your workout far less effective, according to Lowery.

A personal trainer explains why you should always do weight training before cardio

"The ‘strong, not skinny’ movement is slowly changing the misconception that just by looking at a dumbbell, you'll turn into the Hulk."

Restaurant chains now put calorie counts on their menus — and it’s part of a 100-year-old American obsession that started with a Californi...

Chain restaurants are now required to post calorie counts on their menus as part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act. A century ago, Lulu Peters introduced the calorie. Her teachings have been immortalized in our psyche, but some nutritionists say it's time to move on.
George Lloyd (pictured) is a fitness model and Barry's Bootcamp Trainer.

This is what’s inside the fridges of 7 top fitness stars and personal trainers

A blogger, a dancer, a model, and a Barry's Bootcamp trainer offered a look inside their fridges — as well as their top tips on staying healthy this summer, including always exercising at least once on the weekend.