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Inflatable swan my the beach (file)

A mother and her 7-year-old son were left stranded in the Gulf of Mexico after their giant inflatable swan drifted from shore

Tara Myers, and her son, Brennan Saletta, set out on the swan near Bradenton, Florida, last month.

Trump says ‘honest’ election no longer possible in Florida, demands election be called for Republicans

President Donald Trump built on days of baseless claims of voter fraud to demand the Florida elections be called in favor of Republican candidates.
President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on Friday morning.

Trump goes on raging tweetstorm as Florida and Georgia vote counts descend into chaos

President Donald Trump raged on Twitter about potential recount efforts in Georgia and Florida in a series of tweets on Friday.
President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Florida is in chaos as thousands of ballots remain uncounted, and the outcome of the state’s key elections could remain unclear for weeks

Florida is in chaos as thousands of ballots — which could determine the razor-thin margins in the Senate and gubernatorial races — remain uncounted.
The animal.

After 6 months on the loose, an 8-foot, prehistoric-looking lizard has been captured at long last

In August, an 8-foot-long lizard began to terrorize a community in Davie, Florida. But finally, the escaped pet will be going home.
Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

The Florida governor’s race is suddenly a lot closer, and the door is creaking open to a possible recount

Florida's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum said he is open to a recount, even after conceding on Tuesday night.

The midterm elections proved Florida and Ohio are still solidly Trump country

Both states voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012, but flipped for Trump in 2016. On Tuesday, they stayed red, presenting a conundrum for Democrats.

One of the most hotly contested Senate races looks like it could be headed for a recount

Rick Scott, who had served as Florida’s governor since 2011, claimed victory over Bill Nelson early Tuesday morning.
Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks about hurricane relief measures for Florida and Puerto Rico at the White House in Washington, U.S., September 29, 2017.

Rick Scott claims victory in Florida Senate race over longtime Sen. Bill Nelson

"Tonight, voters have sent a strong message that they want a proven leader representing them in Washington..." said NRSC Chairman Cory Gardner.