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A woman sits in a super bloom of poppies near Lake Elsinore, California.

Satellites just photographed California’s dazzling ‘super bloom’ of spring flowers from outer space

As orange poppies went through a "super bloom" in Southern California, a satellite recorded images of the colors (and tourists) while orbiting Earth.

Love blooms in Singapore: Spending on Valentine’s Day flowers soars 102% in three years, Mastercard says

Two popular Valentine's Day gifts – or rather, experiences – in 2018 were travels and hotel staycations.
The mechanical flower blooms when you touch it.

A developer husband invented an everlasting mechanical flower for his wife that blooms when you stroke it

He said in a tweet that the flower will "never fade," and other husbands are realising they need to "up their present game."

10 beautiful flower bouquets you can get in time for Valentine’s Day thanks to Amazon Prime

Valentine's Day is only a few days away. If you need flowers delivered in a hurry, Amazon has many bouquets eligible for free two-day delivery.

The best online flower delivery services to send freshly cut blooms and live plants on Valentine’s Day

These are the best online flower delivery services to get fresh-cut blooms for the holidays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, other celebrations.

Here’s everything to do at the Botanic Gardens’ new extension, which will now open at the end of this year

The Botanic Gardens’ new extension has been delayed by a year - here’s what it will offer when it’s finally open.

Celebrities love this company that makes stunning rose arrangements that can last for an entire year

These rose bouquets stay fresh for up to a year and require virtually no maintenance.

Gorgeous photos show a rare ‘Super Bloom’ is about to take over the hottest place on Earth

People are flocking to an unlikely destination this month.