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People in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia order 3 cups of bubble tea per month, GrabFood says

BBT orders grew 7 times in Singapore and 2.5 times in Malaysia in just half a year.
The 'Mean Girls' menu.

A pink ‘Mean Girls’-themed menu exists, but you’ll have to go to the UK to get it

If you're feeling personally victimised by your own Regina George, you might enjoy a 'Brutus vs Caesar' salad.
A British Airways plane. Inset: Nigerian agriculture minister Audu Ogbeh.

Superrich Nigerians are ordering pizza from London and having it delivered by British Airways, government minister says

Audu Ogbeh's comments come as Nigeria tries to cut down its reliance on imports, which are seen as a status symbol.

After feasting on fried chicken and pizza in December, Deliveroo says Singapore customers spent January munching on salads

The top 3 orders in Dec were burgers, pizza, fried chicken. But in January, they were salad bowls, soup noodles and salmon wraps.

The food delivery robot that burst into flames at Berkeley university had the same problem as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones

An autonomous transport robot used for carrying food to hungry college students went up in flames on Friday on UC Berkeley's campus.

Foodpanda’s new feature lets people order and self-collect food for free – so they don’t have to queue up at lunchtime

A new feature on food delivery app foodpanda is promising to remove the time wasted while queuing for meals - which can amount to 100 hours a year for someone working in the Central Business District.
Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi

Uber may start delivering burgers by drones as soon as 2021 because its CEO says ‘We need flying burgers’

According to a jobs listing spotted by The Wall Street Journal, Uber is looking to hire an operations executive to make drone delivery functional by next year and available for commercial use by 2021.