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A sample of minced meat in a test tube.

A Swedish scientist suggested the climate crisis could lead people to consider eating human flesh. It’s not the first time a scientist has sugge...

As our food supply faces more stress, behavioral scientist Magnus Söderlund said, humans might consider eating corpses.

Prices in Venezuela rocketed 130,000% last year

Venezuela's central bank released its first inflation data since 2015, showing the dismal state of the economy. GDP fell at least 10% for 11 quarters.
Sara Menker at the 2018 New York Times Dealbook in November.

This entrepreneur left Wall Street to count the world’s calories. Now she’s warning of a global food disaster equal to the financial crisi...

Entrepreneur Sara Menker traded in her Wall Street gig to solve the world's mounting food crisis.

KFC closes most of its UK stores due to chicken shortage

A closed sign hangs...

87% of Venezuelans say they don’t have money to buy enough food

Central-bank data suggests that Venezuela's GDP contracted by 5.7% in 2015, and International Monetary Fund figures forecast that it will shrink by 8% in 2016.