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This is the cookie dough to buy for a treat-yourself snack.

The best pre-made cookie dough, according to chefs

Sometimes we just want to indulge and dive into some store-bought cookie dough. Chefs weighed in to help us get the best one.
My first Taco Bell experience.

I’m 22 and I just tried Taco Bell for the first time, and it definitely lived up to the hype

With National Fast Food Day coming up, I decided to try fan-favorite, Taco Bell, for the first time. See what I thought of the experience.

11 delicious gifts from online meat companies that carnivores will love

Keep their bellies full and happy with these 11 food gifts from online meat delivery services — perfect gift idea for the carnivore in your life.
Hot cocoa rolls are here.

Pillsbury just released hot cocoa rolls smothered with marshmallow icing for the holidays

Pillsbury has re-released its hot cocoa rolls just in time for the holiday season. Here's what they taste like and how you can get them for yourself.
Lots of countries have their own version of wraps.

12 wraps from around the world that you need to try

Whether your wrap comes in a tortilla or a pita, they are delicious all over the world. We rounded up how 12 places around the world make wraps.
It's important to listen to signs your body is giving you.

10 warning signs that you may need to change your diet

The way we eat undeniably has an effect on our bodies and how we feel. Here are signs that your body is telling you to change your diet.
Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s when you should start cooking every dish for Thanksgiving

With the right preparation and schedule, you can get Thanksgiving dinner on the table virtually stress-free.
Duncan Hines recalled four of its cake mix flavors after the FDA found salmonella in a sample of the product.

Duncan Hines recalled 4 cake mixes for potential salmonella contamination — here’s how to know if yours is affected

Duncan Hines voluntarily recalled four types of its cake mix after the FDA found traces of salmonella in a sample of white cake mix.
Yes, alcoholic ice pops.

Boozy apple cider pops are now a thing and they’re a delicious take on your favorite fall drink

FrutaPOP is a new company that lets you order alcoholic ice pops online. Here is everything you need to know.
Steak is popular in various forms across the world.

12 steak dishes from around the world that you’ll want to try

Steak is a classic dish, and while it is popular around the world, various places around the world do it differently.