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These home and kitchen startups want you to stay in more — here’s how they’re capitalizing on exhaustion

Creating the home they're excited to return to at the end of the day is a process that plenty of online startups are willing to help nurture and provide the product solutions for.
The fruit punch-flavored pink cotton candy sells for $8.95 on Amazon.

Amazon is selling bags of ‘bunny farts’ cotton candy in time for Easter

Little Stinker, which makes the "Bag of Bunny Farts," donates 10% of all profits from its products to charity.
It's probably a good idea to wash your kale.

Kale might be bad for you in some cases — here’s when you should be careful about eating it

Kale is packed full of tons of vitamins and minerals. But there are some cases where it might not be a good idea to eat too much.
The three contenders.

We tried 3 different brands of microwave dinners — and the winner was clear

We tried chicken and turkey dinners from Lean Cuisine, Boston Market, and Marie Callender's. See which one tastes best.
The Burger King chicken sandwich.

We tried the 3 cheapest meals at Burger King, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Here’s which meal left us fullest.

We tried the discount menus or meal deals at Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's. Each had their positives, but Wendy's edged out the competition.
Some varieties of chicken nuggets contain fewer calories than others.

15 of the lowest-calorie chicken nuggets you can find at the grocery store, ranked

From gluten-free nuggets to dinosaur-shaped ones, here is a ranking of some of the best low-calorie chicken nuggets you can buy at the grocery store.
Which chip brand does your state love?

The most popular brand of chips in every state

The INSIDER Data team learned that the country's two most popular chip brands are Doritos and Cheetos. Which chip does your state prefer?
The grounded passengers were served pepperoni and cheese pizza (not the one pictured).

Americans spent almost $40 billion — yes, billion — on drunk shopping last year

Finder.com and Pureprofile found this information by surveying 2,100 adults. From shoes to food, here's how the spending habits break down.
All That & a Bag of Chips features a potato chip-flavored ice cream base that is loaded with chocolate chips and churned with a chocolate-fudge swirl.

A new potato chip-flavored ice cream with chocolate and salted fudge is here for anyone who can’t decide between savory and sweet

With new potato chip and popcorn ice cream flavors, Enlightened is putting a new twist on popular midnight snacks.
I found that everything was bigger in Egypt.

I tried McDonald’s in Egypt and found that the portions were even bigger than in the US

On a recent trip to Egypt, I went to a McDonald's to see how it compared to other ones I had been to. I was surprised by how much it differed.