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The controversial Ben & Jerry’s-themed Nike SB Dunk sneaker is already reselling for thousands the day after it dropped

The "Chunky Dunky" sneakers, though a hit, were divisive in the sneaker community, especially among long-standing fans of the classic Nike silhouette.
One mask features elements from the Adidas X 17.3 FG Solar Yellow sneaker.

A designer reimagined iconic Nike and Adidas sneakers as face masks. Here’s what they look like:

The masks are not for sale, but rather an artistic commentary of how the world can adapt to the new reality amid the pandemic.
Each Ashore Sneaker ($129) is made from four post-consumer water bottles.

These sneakers from Soludos are made with recycled water bottles, but they’re surprisingly comfortable — I wore my pair for a 5-mile walk ...

The Soludos Ashore sneaker is made from plastic bottles and sustainable materials. They're even comfortable to wear right out of the box.
StockX founder Josh Luber.

A major sneaker resale platform valued at $1 billion has laid off around 100 employees

"The layoffs are meant to ensure long-term sustainability," StockX Cutler wrote in a blog post regarding the layoffs, which impact 12% of the staff.

‘Air Jordan’ wasn’t the first name picked for Michael Jordan’s iconic line with Nike. How the celebrated brand got its name.

An initial suggestion was to name the NBA star's line "Michael Jordan," but this was rejected by Nike.
Reseller Moose Read

StockX newest fee hike reveals why sneakerheads are pivoting to other resale platforms like eBay and Instagram to buy and sell sneakers

Some high-level sneaker resellers have been known to stay away from StockX because of its hefty fees.
A new CDC study shows that coronavirus can live on shoes.

Experts reveal the top 5 tips for disinfecting shoes following a CDC study that says the coronavirus can travel on footwear

Health and toxin experts weigh in on the best way to disinfect footwear, from the best shoes to wear to which substances to use.

The best golf shoes

Golf shoes not only let you look the part but they give you the traction and comfort you need for a long day on the links. Here are our favorites.

Allbirds’ water-resistant sneakers are our new go-to shoes for rainy weather after putting them to the test for 6 months

Allbirds has 2 water-resistant shoes, dubbed the Mizzle collection, that let you enjoy soft comfort and support no matter the weather conditions.

I put 5 of Everlane’s bestselling shoes to the test in NYC and ranked them by comfort level

I wore all five of Everlane's bestselling shoes to give you the inside scoop on which styles are not to be missed, and which are going to require days of break-in time.