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‘We can actually count how many there are’: Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi says she is concerned that her departure means there will be just 24...

PepsiCo announced on Monday that Indra Nooyi would be stepping down as CEO, to be replaced by the company's president, Ramon Laguarta. Nooyi is the latest of high-profile women running Fortune 500 companies to step down in recent months, with male executives taking their places.
Beth Ford took over as the CEO of Land O'Lakes on Wednesday.

New Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford just became the first openly gay woman to lead a Fortune 500 company — take a look at her career so far

Beth Ford, the newly-appointed CEO of Land O'Lakes, became the first openly gay woman to lead a Fortune 500 company on Wednesday. She's also one of just 25 women on the list overall.

J&J ordered to pay $4.7 billion to women after claims its products gave them cancer

The Fortune 500 company Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $4.69 billion to women who argued in court that its talc products contained asbestos and caused them to develop ovarian cancer, Bloomberg reports.

The biggest company in almost every US state, in one map

Business Insider mapped out the biggest company by revenue headquartered in each state from Fortune's 2017 list. Household names like Apple, Amazon, and General Electric made an appearance.
Apple employees bring a lot of profit to the company.

The 20 companies that create the most profit per employee

In a list of companies that create the most profit per employee, Apple, Facebook, and Alphabet all rank — but it isn't tech companies who take the top spots.
Warren Buffett.

Here’s what the CEOs of the 11 most successful companies in America studied in college

The incredible careers of Apple's Tim Cook, Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett, and GM's Mary Barra all started with their college major.
Here are the terms execs love to use on LinkedIn.

5 eye-catching words execs include on their LinkedIn profiles

Grammarly broke down which words Fortune 500 employees like to include in their LinkedIn profiles.

11 big-name companies based in small-town America

You might think that all major organizations are based in big cities, but these Fortune 500 companies are based in less populous areas.

Here’s the biggest Fortune 1000 company in every state

Fortune just released their annual list of the 1,000 largest public US corporations by revenue. Here's the top company in each state.

Here are the 11 biggest banks in America

The Fortune 500 list for 2016 was just released, and here are the largest publicly traded commercial banks headquartered in the US.