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Monito cofounder and CEO François Briod speaking at a conference.

How a Swiss fintech startup uses data-driven testing to guide the growth of every part of its business — including a risky name change

For Monito, the scientific method extends beyond their platform and marketing development to include almost every dimension of the business.
Monito cofounder and CEO François Briod.

Founders need to ‘fire’ themselves every 3 to 6 months if they want their companies to grow, says the CEO of a startup disrupting the $1 t...

Monito cofounder François Briod says founders need to hire people who are better than themselves at performing important roles for their startups.
Strategyzer cofounder Alex Osterwalder leads a session at the 2019 Nordic Business Forum.

How a Swiss startup went from a simple iPad app to a company of 35 that’s looking to disrupt the $285 billion management consulting industry

Switzerland-based Strategyzer began as an iPad app in 2011 and has scaled into a digital training powerhouse for clients like Microsoft and 3M.
Alex Osterwalder leads a small team to create tools and trainings that enable large and small firms to take a more scientific approach to development.

Here’s how a key architect of the Lean Startup model is using his own philosophy and experience to scale his own company that trains innovators ...

Alex Osterwalder leads a small team to create tools and trainings that enable large and small firms to take a more scientific approach to development.
Think outside the box for ways your business can survive this challenging time.

3 critical ways you can strengthen your business during the pandemic

By adapting to the way things are currently, you're more likely to survive and then thrive when it's over.
Christina Blacken.

How being ‘different’ helped these 14 female entrepreneurs find their niche and made them more successful

"I would always stick out in a crowd, so I started to own it, love it, and become fearless in entering any room and stand in confidence of who I am."
Developing both inner and outer confidence is an important key to success.

How to build unshakable confidence no matter what life throws at you, according to 11 entrepreneurs who have faced it all

"You have to believe in what you're doing, surround yourself with people who push you, and avoid those who bring you down."
When she first opened her business, Jen Glantz made mistakes that she estimates cost her over $10,000.

Trying to do it all myself as a business owner cost me an estimated $10,000 — here’s what I did wrong

This business owner thought that cutting costs would be a good financial decision, but she says it actually cost her more money in the long run.
David Neagle.

I interviewed Gary Vaynerchuk, and he says there are 4 harmful ways that entrepreneurs feel entitled

"There's this huge breeding of entitlement that is going on in the country that is called prosperity," Gary Vaynerchuk said.
Reacting appropriately when your employees make mistakes is an important leadership skill.

Gary Vaynerchuk and 9 other successful leaders on how to respond when employees royally mess up

"But in my book, being a jerk is one of the biggest mistakes you can make," said CEO Gary Vaynerchuk.